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Best tips for betting on Darts

Betting on sport is a favourite pastime for people all around the world, and darts continues to prove more and more popular with each passing competition. Sports like football and horse racing remain as the most popular sports to place bets on, though there is immense value to be found in gambling on darts markets. It may not see as many bets placed as aforementioned sports, but with the 2018 World Matchplay tournament about to begin, there is sure to be a spike in the number of people placing bets on the sport.

The best place to go to for your free darts betting tips is [edit], who compile their own darts accumulators and request-a-bets from across different bookmakers for major competitions including Premier League Darts and the PDC World Cup Darts. With unique betting previews for each major fixture, they remain a good source of darts betting knowledge, and they have a great understanding of the different darts markets.

Betting on outright match winner Darts markets

Naturally, possibly the most popular market when betting on darts is the match winner market. This market is when you have the choice between two outcomes – a win for one player, say Michael van Gerwen for example, or a win for the opponent that they play. Different darts competitions are formatted differently, so what is required to win may differ from tournament to tournament, but there are only two outcomes and that is a win for either player.

If betting on an outright match winner, it is best to compare whether or not your preferred selection has played their opponent previously and what the results between the two players read like. If one player is particularly dominant over another, then chances are they will be odds-on, and you will not be able to back them at a great price – though if it is close between two players in terms of results against each other, then it may be best to look at other markets for betting on games.

Alternative markets to bet on in Darts

If choosing a winner from two players is not the way to go for yourself, looking at alternative match markets may be your preferred option. Here, you can bet on things such as ‘Most 180’s’ in the game – it is good to look at players who score a lot of 180’s here, which is information that is easily accessible online. Daryl Gurney is an example of a player who throws plenty of 180’s, though if he is playing somebody who is also a strong scorer at the oche, then betting on the over/under market for 180’s could be the way to go.

These are just a couple of examples of markets that you can back in darts, but there are plenty of options available for prospective punters.

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