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Betting on Darts Events

Betting on darts events is bigger than ever thanks to the sport growing in popularity all over the world.  The sport has become a massive spectator event from championship to championship, with big names having helped to popularise what has otherwise been known as a humble pub game across the years.  Online sportsbooks and high street bookmakers have opened up more and more darts markets for you to bet on, meaning that there’s never been a better time to start looking at what’s available for your money.

Darts Betting Online

Darts betting online is bigger than ever, though it’s worth remembering that you don’t have to bet outright on matches unless you want to!  There’s now a huge range of different propositions and precise markets for you to choose from if you know more than a thing or two about your 180s or the major players in the game.  If you’re bored of always betting on darts events outright, do take a closer look at the prop bets available from bookmaker to bookmaker.

Darts World Championship Betting

Darts World Championship betting is largely where much of the darts punting action lies, and this is thanks to the fact that the game’s biggest and best players get involved.  Intensive darts action is always on the card at this yearly event, which means that in play or live betting can get particularly interesting.  Regardless of form or style when it comes to the players lining up to the oche, who’s to say quite which way one game is going to go?  Take a look at in play markets at big events and tournaments to take advantage of some pretty lucrative markets.

Correct Score Betting in Darts

Correct score betting in darts is just one great way to make things interesting when it comes to placing money on the sport.

  • Between two players in any given match, predict what you think will be the final total score.
  • Some bookmakers will offer over/under opportunities in these markets, which means you will simply need to decide whether you think a bookie is going too high or two low with their overall guess.
  • This is a market for the luckiest betters out there – this type of bet can make things fairly intense!

Darts Handicap Betting

Darts handicap betting – otherwise referred to as a handicap 2-way bet – works both in the favour of the bookmaker as well as the better.  In these markets, you can expect to see odds for the favourite in any given match with win conditions attached, meaning that you’ll only ever expect to win big if your pick satisfies a number of extra circumstances.  For example, the favourite may be expected to win by a certain amount for odds to return in your favour.  It’s an interesting move to balance odds out if an underdog is particularly at risk – betting on darts events with a twist.

Darts 180s

The 180 is, of course, a staple of any darts match.  It’s the highest score you can achieve with any three darts, which means you will need to hit a triple 20 three times in a row.  Here’s how darts 180s come into play when it comes to betting markets:

  • Darts 180s bets allow you to predict how many 180s you think will be scored in any given match.
  • This type of market is very popular during big championships, particularly as the best players will be bringing their A-games and will be unlikely to work with any other tactic than to be the best!
  • Once again, over/under markets can be offered here, which means a bookmaker may simply as you for your opinion on their prediction.

Highest Checkout in Darts

Betting on the highest checkout in darts match essentially revolves around how much you think a given player in a match will score with their last three darts.  Darts matches require for players to land either on the bull’s eye or a double, meaning that you can use these rules to decide how much you think the biggest final score will be.  This is a fairly risky market for newcomers betting on darts events, though again, bookmakers may make things easy on you with a points spread or over/under opportunities.

Live Darts Betting

Live darts betting is growing in popularity and it’s a no-brainer to see why.  Live betting during matches allows punters to take advantage of the intensity of certain matches and situations, meaning that in championship matches, for example, you can choose from a range of precise or intensive markets that will change depending upon how a player is performing.  Is the favourite bottling it?  Bet against them in a twist market.  Is the underdog scoring more 180s than expected?  Throw some money into a 180s pot mid-match – and take advantage of an ever-evolving game as it unfolds.

Darts Betting Tips

Darts betting tips will vary, particularly as no two games are ever going to be quite the same.  Therefore, do always take generic tips and advice with a pinch of salt – and punt any way you feel most comfortable.  General advice would be to research the markets and to get to know the game a little better before you start looking at more precise bets.  Learn about the players, their form, and how you think they will perform in high intensity championships – and ultimately, you could find yourself running regular bets to a very tidy profit.  If you have the time and money to put in, you’ll find darts a very rewarding spectator sport.

Darts Bet Markets

These are just a handful of ways people are betting on darts events – there are individual prop bets and accumulator opportunities out there for you to take advantage of, too.  Markets available will likely vary from bookmaker to bookmaker, which means a smart move for any punter will be to look closely at what each brand and platform is offering.  Do your homework – and learn more about what’s out there for you!

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