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Bullseye Online Fruit Machine

If you were watching telly in the 80s and 90s and you lived in the United Kingdom, then Bullseye is a television series you will most likely be familiar with. Re-runs of the show can be found on Challenge seemingly every day, but there is another way in which players can reminisce and revisit the darts-based gameshow. After all, you can’t beat a bit of Bully.

In 2015, Microgaming launched an online slot which incorporated not only the look and feel of the game show but the essence of it, too. The software provider’s 243-line gaming structure and wealth of features clearly mark Bullseye out as a Microgaming slot. The latter includes Bully’s Prize Board, as Microgaming aims to faithfully bring Bullseye back to life. Even the late Jim Bowen and Tony Green provide voiceovers for the game, in what is easily one of the most authentic slots to ever pay homage to a gameshow. A non-progressive jackpot worth five-hundred times a bet is the top prize. If you fail to win that, there are plenty of top-notch consolation prizes up for grabs. With the Bullseye slot, it never a case of having a look at what you could’ve won. With that in mind, it is time to dive into the Bullseye slot.

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As touched upon, Microgaming has included the full might of their 243 ways to win payline structure for this release. As is always the case with 243-line games, you haven’t a hope of altering the number of paylines on a spin. Nor, though, are you going to be forced to bet on a stake per line basis. Instead, wagering ranges stretch from 30p a game up to £15 a pop. It is hardly bank-busting stuff from the slot provider. Players can tinker with the coin values and the number of coins wagered per spin to see their stake fall somewhere between the minimum and maximum limits.


As is usual with Microgaming slots, there are top-paying prizes and more conservative ones up for grabs. Standard fare in Microgaming slots is for medium-value rewards to be represented by high-playing cards. That isn’t the case in Bullseye, though. Instead, those cash prizes are dished out by symbols which include Jim’s trademarks spectacles and quiz cards, Bendy Bully and tankard rewards, banknotes, darts and dart heads. Awards via these symbols typically range from 3x up to 100x a bet.

More profitable wins can be acquired with the traditional Bullseye prizes. The battered old car, speedboat and stereotypical (and infamous) caravan prizes can deliver cash wins which range from 15x up to 350x a bet. The Bullseye logo itself shows up as the best-paying symbol in the slot, as well as a wild. Prizes stretch from 60x a bet up to 500x a stake with these symbols. Bullseye logos can appear stacked on the reels of the game. Microgaming, therefore, claims that as much as 1,215,000 coins could be won if such symbols cover the entire screen.

Special Features

Wild symbols: As touched upon, Bullseye logos appear as both the best-paying symbols and wild icons. As the latter, they can substitute for any and all icons bar the bonus trigger and free spin symbols. Wild symbols can also show up stacked on the reels, which makes them considerably more useful than conventional wilds in other slots.

Scatter symbols: These aren’t hard to spot. The symbols appear as tri-colour rosettes with “free spins” splashed across them. When three (or more) rosette icons appear anywhere on the screen in the base game, the Bullseye free spin feature is triggered.

Bonus symbols: By contrast, these symbols are represented by Bully’s Prize Board. The symbols can only spring up on the first and fifth reels in the game. You’ll need them to pop up on both at once if you hope to trigger the second bonus feature in this slot. These symbols only pop up during the free spin feature, so let’s look at that next.

Free Spin bonus: After acquiring three or more scatters, Bullseye’s free spin bonus begins. This starts off by offering 15 free games to players. Anything which is won during the free game feature will be doubled. Landing further free spin rosette scatters on the reels will retrigger the round, giving you another 15 spins to add to your tally. During the feature, Bully’s Prize Board bonus icons can pop up on the reels, potentially leading you to the second bonus feature.

Bully’s Prize Board bonus: As mentioned, this slot bonus round can only be triggered from the free spin feature. It is loosely based on the final round in the game show, where players could throw darts into the board to win what are now considered to be rather naff prizes. The slot feature is very much in the same vein. Bully’s Prize Board flashes on the screen and players will get to “throw” five darts to land multipliers which range from 2x up to 15x a bet. Some might just say that these prizes are considerably more valuable than the original Bullseye prizes were, depending on how much you wager, of course. Unfortunately, the “gamble” feature found in the gameshow doesn’t make it into the online slot.

Final thoughts

Any slot player eager to try their hand at one of the best game show turned slot games will find Bullseye right up their alley. Unlike the television show – which admittedly wasn’t everybody’s cup of tea – there is something for everyone in the Microgaming release. For those who do remember the quiz show; the saloon music, legendary voiceovers and insanely naff prizes (represented as symbols) will trigger a host of memories to come flooding back.

Darts-themed games are not as common as you might like to think in the online casino world, and there are a few duff ones out there amongst those which do exist. If you’re going to sit down and spin the reels of a darts slot, what better way is there than to play one based on the arguably the most iconic darts show of all time? As touched on at the start of the review, you can’t beat a bit of Bully.

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