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4 interesting facts about darts

Darts is a very interesting game which can be enjoyed by people of any age, gender or skill set. That’s why, it is a very popular game enjoyed by millions across the world. However, many people still have the perception that it is played in pubs by beer drinking people only.

It is said that the number of people who play this game competitively are in millions while a great many people enjoy just casual darts. There are also a huge number of people who enjoy betting on this sport. If you are one such person who likes online gambling, then we have good news. Our crypto casino advisers, you can find all the information about bonus deals, free spins, casino reviews, best welcome deals, slots reviews, and much more to make the best betting experience for you. All the information you need about online casinos can be found at the site.

1- Inception of Darts

The inception of darts can be dated back to the end of the 19th century. Soldiers at that time would target tree trunks or casks with their arrows, and it was enjoyed as a favorite past-time. Before the First World War, dartboards made from wood (usually elm) were popular in the UK, however, the problem was that the darts would break up the surface plus the boards would also need to be soaked.

A company named Nodor started making clay dartboards in 1923, but it wasn’t a great success. So they started making the elm dartboards again. Then in 1935, Ted Leggatt and Frank Dabbs began producing sisal bristle dartboards which became an instant success. Later in the 70s, electronic dartboards began to be produced and they further increased the popularity of the game.

2- John Lowe

John Lowe is a hugely famous retired professional darts player who set many great records in his career. He is one of the only 6 players who won the World Championship 3 times. He also has the distinction of being the first darts player who won the World Championship title in 3 separate decades. Additionally, he is also the first player who has achieved a televised nine-dart finish.

3- A game of chance or skill

In the beginning, English officials regarded the game of darts to be a game of chance which required little skill. This perception changed after a trial was held in 1908.

It happened that a landlord named Jim Garside was charged because he allowed bets to be taken on the game. Garside didn’t deny the charges, instead he tried to prove to the magistrates that darts is a game of skill. With the help of a local darts champion, he managed to convince them by showing that a good player could hit any number on the board.

4- A recognized sport

Hearing the world darts would often conjure up the image of two fat guys who are drinking beer. Such common stereotypes are very common, and so people easily think that it is not a recognized sport. However, darts has now been recognized as a sporting activity by ‘Sports England’ in 2005. Also, a professional darts player can earn millions in prize money. 


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