Established in 2006 Darts Mad is proud to be a darts news website written by the fans for the fans. Community contributors provide global, national and local news from the world of darts.

As of September 2019 Darts Mad has officially been brought back to life and welcoming an all new team of contributors…

This is your website!

If you want to blog about darts of any format – PDC, BDO, JDC, WDF, Disability Darts, local leagues, pub darts or even just your own darts journey in your living room – everyone is welcome.

To get in touch with us you can email us at or contact us via any of our social media platforms and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

About Darts Mad, meet the team:

Dom & Matt – As of 2019 these two brothers have taken over the day to day job of rejuvenating Darts Mad, the technical task of keeping it running, adding features and blogging – all in between the painful task of trying to get our own 3 dart averages up to something half way respectable.

Matthew “Prime Time” Edgar – Matthew is a current PDC professional darter and a former 8 time UK wrestling champion. Matthew is the creator of the world famous YouTube channel “Edgar TV” and will be bringing you coaching videos, setup guides and more. Click to see Matthew Edgar’s blog

Henry Cheal– A young aspiring journalist who covers various aspects of the darts world for Darts Mad including darts news and player interviews. Henry’s blogs

David Kendall– This young Welshman is passionate about many sports with darts and snooker being two of his main passions. David writes about a range of topics including darts news. David’s blogs

“I’m David Kendall and go by the twitter handle DJ Gandolfini, born in Newport, Wales but raised in Risca.

I first got into darts around 2006 when Klaasen defeated Barney at Lakeside. However I’ve become a full time darts fan since the 2008 European Darts Championship.

I also love other sports such as snooker, tennis, both codes in rugby, motorsport, football and athletics.

I also like listening to music from time to time with my favourite band being ELO, thanks to my dad.

Other hobbies include computers and also travelling”

Luke Jones– Another Welshman in the darts mad team Luke will be focusing his attention on our youtube channel. Luke’s blogs

Darts Web 180– A blogger who runs his own blog and is occasional writer for Darts Mad

Carter Guiney – Carter is an Irish junior international darter and an active darts blogger. Carter joins Darts Mad doing some day to day reporting, a lot of interviews as well as blogging about his own journey on the junior circuit.

Jonty Eyre – 12 year old Jonty is a talented young lad plying his trade on the disability circuit while his father Nigel is a PDC referee. Jonty has ambitions to get into darts journalism and we will help him in every way we can. Jonty’s blogs can be found here

Shaun Fox – Hawrich based Shaun is a darts super-fan and will be bringing his own take on the sport we all love.

Darlo Pete – Scotsman Pete – now living in the County Durham – will be covering the local North East darts scene.

Are You Darts Mad?

Darts Mad is building a competent stable of contributors who each bring their own unique thing to the table. Whether it is serious writing about the modern professional sport of darts or blogging about playing amateur darts for the local pub team, we aim to cover it all.

If you are a budding darts journalist, want to profile your local competition or you are simply a keen darts blogger and wish to contribute to this website then please do contact Darts Mad.

Credits: would like to thank and credit a number of organisations and individuals who allow us to re-use their content and images.

The PDC, BDO & WDF darts organisations provide information about their respective businesses, as do various regional organisations around the world, such as the ADO, DFA, NDB, EDO, SDA and more.

Many of the images used on are provided by Lawrence Lustig & Chris Sargeant, in particular tournament photographs.

Darts Mad History

Darts Mad was established in 2006 by a couple of guys absolutely mad about darts and quickly went on to become one of the worlds leading darts websites, providing a useful and effective service to the darting world.

We have no allegiances and represent the sport of darts as a whole, be it PDC, BDO, ADO, men, women, youth, fans, officials, players or whoever. We are just mad keen on darts and our dream is to one day see a wholly unified sport with a true tiered pyramid, with one World Championship and harmony across the board.

Darts Mad provides darts news, ticket news, blogs, results, statistics, interviews, equipment reviews, exhibition listings, free to enter competitions and much, much more…

Our ‘Dartabase’ (returning soon) is a huge darts database of players, stats, head to heads, tournaments, matches, winners and darts rankings for the PDC, BDO & WDF.

We have a large darts directory of companies and individuals and plenty more fun and games throughout the site.

Dart Mad past writers and contributors…

Massive thanks to Lee who created the website back in 2006 as well as other past contributors; Steve, Andy, The Lockup Tipster, Anne ‘Sleepy’ Kramer, The Mystery Lady, Phil Haigh, The Suit, Gareth Davies and Lenny Boyle.

Any and all of you are welcome to get in touch with us! Lee and Phil have already been a huge help in regenerating the website so far.

The Lockup Tipster – The Lockup Tipster is our newest contributor, we’ve drafted him in to provide our readers with darts betting tips – kicking off with the 2014 Premier League Darts. More information to follow…

Lockup Tipster’s task is simple – to find value bets during major darts tournaments and bring his reasoned selections to our readers with a view to bashing the bookies! Lockup Tipster has a proven track record of producing profits from darts betting

The Lockup Tipster has his own betting tips website and features on Darts Mad in association with Leroy’s Betting Tips.

Anne ‘Sleepy’ Kramer – Anne Kramer has been involved in darts for over 20 years, and was one of the top female players in Arizona by the age of 16. She is also married to former USA No.1 men’s player John Kramer.

Playing mainly in the SoCal ADO region, Anne has many stories and experiences to share with the darting community and is very passionate about all things tungsten. Despite her ‘sleepy’ nickname we know she can yap with the best of them and we look forward seeing plenty of interesting and insightful articles.

We don’t cover as much of the darts from across the pond as we should, hopefully Anne can redress the balance in her unofficial role as Darts Mad USA correspondent.

The Mystery Lady – What can we tell you about The Mystery Lady? Well not much as it happens or it wouldn’t be a mystery. Let’s just say she’s a lady, she plays darts, and would like to write about her experiences playing for her local team.

So Darts Mad has given TML the platform to spout lyrical on all things local pub darts and whatever else crosses her mind when sat in front of the laptop.

Watch out for TML’s regular darting ruminations.

Phil Haigh – A sports journalist from the Steel City, but Tungsten is his metal of choice as he follows the fortunes of pro darts players around the world and lets loose his views on the adventures of the arrow aimers.

Phil is now the UK SEO editor at the Metro newspaper and can be found on Twitter.

The Suit – AKA Callum – Former demon 301 player! Moved into promotions and player management. Thoroughly enjoys pontificating on all things tungsten and does not hold back!

The Suit manages Mark Hylton and runs the ‘Lets play… Knockout Darts’ initiative.

Gareth Davies – Gareth is the resident Darts Mad rankings guru. The Unified World Darts Ranking is due in large part to Gareth’s detailed analysis of BDO & PDC darts which produced the rules for our unique and unified ranking systems.

Gareth is also a writer in his spare time and enjoys writing about many topics, including darts. He has his own blog where you will find articles on all manner of subjects.

Lenny Boyle – Lenny is a student journalist and a fan of what he describes as “the greatest sport on the planet”. We tend to agree so we gave him some airtime on Darts Mad to bring his musings to our readers.

And remember, darts is a sport – let Lenny explain why.

Lenny writes for a number of publications.