Darlo Pete at the DSRM Christmas Open

Recently, I have participated in an annual Christmas darts competition at the Darlington and Simpson Rolling Mills Club, with players from all over the North East and further afield also in attendance.

The event had 74 entries and was hosted by two friends Neil Makepeace and Aidan Reid. About the competition, Aidan said:

“both Neil and myself were keen on organising the event after attending other events around the area and the club was also keen on the idea and also added to the prize fund”.

Neil added a few words saying that since Aidan and himself teamed up during late 2017/early 2018, the support that they have received from the local members of the Darlington darts leagues was amazing. He also added,

“the support from players further afield has also been amazing with both last year’s and this year’s winners being from outside the area”.

Both lads would like to thank the Rolling Mills Club, as well as the main sponsor, Brian Gibson and everyone who joined in with the event.

The event raises funds for charity with this year’s donations contributing to St. Teresa’s Hospice, where Clare Tomlinson done a great job of raising £355. The event proved to be a soaring success with the following results:

Quarter Final

Tony Newall v Darren Melderis 4-1

Will Thexton v Phil Borthwick 4-2

Ray Marshall v Kevin Naughton 4-0

Keith Gowland v Ryan Anderson 4-0

Semi Final

Ray Marshall v Keith Gowland 5-4

Tony Newall v Will Thexton 5-4


Tony Newall v Ray Marshall 5-4

Tony Newell wins DSRM Christmas Open

The winner Tony Newall said the following about the competition on Twitter: