Is the crowd getting to much?

So, I think we can all agree that the last two PDC tour events have been of a great standard. The European championships in Germany and the world series finals in the Netherlands. However, as well as Rob Cross and Michael Van Gerwen done to win these events both were overshadowed by what seems be happening more and more, and that is the crowds reaction to certain players.

Now we all understand people as fans have favourite players and tend to support their local home grown players however supporting a player in my personal opinion doesn’t mean do everything possible to put their opponent off. Of course here I’m referring to the shocking behaviour of those in the crowd mainly towards Gerwyn Price, at what point in darts through the history did this become normal?

It wasn’t only Price that got it from the crowd but he seems to get it the worst. Fair enough some people don’t like his antics on stage but most would agree other dart players also get hyped and roar but the crowd won’t react to it. The constant jeering is completely unacceptable when it is having a major effect on the outcome of the game. At what point will the PDC event organisers or the venue hosts or even the players themselves decide enough is enough, it’s getting out of hand? Surely someone as young as Gerwyn Price considering retirement because of it would ring some alarm bells to those in charge.

The other question would be, how can this be dealt with?

“Is the crowd getting to much?” by Shaun Fox