I've paid for my mistake for seven years

In the RTL 7 Darts studio yesterday, Jelle Klaasen reacted to the statements of Michael van Gerwen, who in an emotional press conference after the match between the two Dutchmen at the Darts World Cup opened up old wounds about the relationship between the two darts players.

Klaasen and Van Gerwen competed against each other during the World Darts Championship in London last week in the second round. The game was very difficult for the title holder to win, but afterwards it was Van Gerwen’s statements that were the subject of much discussion and a lot of misinformation on social media. During the press conference, Van Gerwen broke and told emotionally about his relationship with Klaasen.

“I’ve paid for my mistake for seven years”

“At some point it has to be over,” Klaasen responds to Van Gerwen’s statements. “It was more than seven years ago and it was made out to be much worse than it was. Because someone is the number one in the world, it doesn’t mean that everything he says is also the truth. ”

“There’s two sides to every story. The judge decided at the time that I was not guilty and did not have to do community service. It is therefore done for me. I have paid for my mistake for seven years. It must be over at some point.”

Source: Jelle Klaasen RTL 7 Darts Video (in Dutch)

Darts Mad broke the news last week to UK audiences in reaction to the fake news, exagerations and lies that were being spread on social media as a result of van Gerwens comments which were made on TV outside the UK.

With these statements yesterday from Jelle himself we hope that this matter can now be fully laid to rest once and for all.