Jonty Eyre joins team Darts Mad

Today we are delighted to be able to announce that Jonty Eyre joins team Darts Mad.

We only recently gained access to the social media accounts of Darts Mad and found a number of messages from people delighted to have heard that Darts Mad was being rejuvenated. Some wanted to write for us and so we created a job vacancy on our Facebook page.

Jonty Eyre joins team Darts Mad

The very first message we received was from Nigel Eyre and we immediately knew that this was an application we wanted to fulfill. Nigel recently joined the team of PDC scorers and recently debuted but it wasn’t himself he was applying for.

Nigel is the father of 12 year old Jonty Eyre and gave us an introduction to him that made us snap Jonty up straight away to join team Darts Mad. Jonty is passionate about the darts, is autistic has played in a few tournaments and played one county match for Shropshire. He has met all the BDO pros and his idol is Peter Wright who he’d absolutely love to meet. A kind and caring young man who just loves darts.

Nigel informed us that Jonty wrote a poem about darts when his dad was making his scoring debut, a poem we want to share with you today:

The World of Darts.
Booths of blue on the floor,
Professionals on the board.
Arrows flying high and low,
Flights slicing the air as they go.
High scores and big finishes,
Glad I’m not at home doing the dishes…
9 darters 10 darters all being done,
It’s a serious business with money to be won.
Players shirts covered in amazing art,
This is the world of professional darts.
– A poem by Jonty Eyre, aged 12.

Apart from the poetry Jonty loves writing about darts events. We are already looking forward to his tournament report from a disability darts event he will be covering later in November.

Welcome to the team Jonty!