Nitin Kumar on COVID-19 and PDC Asia Tour

In his latest blog Nitin Kumar addresses the impact of the Corona virus on his travel plans from his country of
residence, Dubai, and the impact the virus is having on the PDC Asian Tour, which is where he plays his professional

There is no doubt that the Corona virus (Covid-19) breakout has been severe on life in general. I’m just
going to call it Covid-19 and stop hurting the stock of Corona Beer. So we’re hearing stories of livestock
being burnt in China, people affected by the disease spreading it by purposely coughing on healthcare
staffs faces, blah, blah, blah.. Sad actually, really sad.

Here, where I work, precautions have been taken and there is a list of countries I cannot travel to – or I’d
rather say – these are countries that are being monitored so travel from any of these countries into UAE
warrants a quarantine and thorough checkup. The countries are – China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Iran, Italy,
Republic of Korea, Macao, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Philippines,
Singapore, India, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Somalia and Vietnam.
Quite a long list eh.

As a few of you know – I am a Darts player from India. I play on the PDC Asian Tour and well – all the
stages that have been confirmed so far – are also part of the “Do Not Travel” List. Rescheduling has been
done twice – South Korea and Japan already. Philippines is coming up next month and well as of now – it
looks like I can’t go – unless there is an update on the monitored travel lists.

I can vent all I want – so I’ll do that now – I’ve tried to push myself to the limit this year and well – all I’ve
been able to play so far is the Qatar Open. Yes, there are quite a few things that have been affecting me
– I’ve just joined a new company so taking too much leave is an issue but for Darts I’ll take it.

Money is always an issue – going for tournaments in different countries isn’t cheap and any PDC Asian Tour like
South Korea, Japan, etc. costs about a third of what I make so this does affect me big time. Personally, I
know I’m not the only one that has this problem – there will definitely be thousands more who don’t
have the opportunity or a way to speak out and are just training and waiting for their chance.

However, now that I’m done venting – I need to come to the actual topic at hand.
This is a very serious issue that most countries are undermining for the sake of either giving their own
citizens a false sense of security, gaining extra income through tourism, business and all the other ways
you can fill up that piggy bank. This is so wrong but of course, I’m just one person.

I’ve seen how places have been quarantined immediately once people have been confirmed or show
strong symptoms of Covid-19. I commend all the healthcare professionals and support staff who are
trying their level best to deal with the situation. I also commend the people who follow proper safety
measures to not only stay safe but also keep fellow people around them safe. It is sad to hear that there
are high fatality rates in the older segment of population. This is understandable but still quite hard to

So far darts and almost anything that we consider as a normal day has taken a back seat – Covid-19 will
has achieved something that most emergencies has not – the Olympics might be postponed!! Yes, and
thorough teaching of safety practices are quite low. Face Masks are out of stock while face masks that
are ironically manufactured from Wuhan, China – are stocked up to the rafters.

Just want to say – Stay safe people. Darts, Olympics, Business – at times we forget that life is the most
precious commodity on this planet. But that’s a chat for another day. PETA Rocks!!…. At times, sorry
don’t agree with some of their methods either…
TRB Out.. Cheers!!

(featured image includes image courtesy of PDC)

As an indication of the severity of the COVID-19 on events in the Gulf states where Nitin resides, here is an article
covering all events cancelled at this time.

The PDC has issued a press release concerning the status of PDC main tour events with regards to COVID-19