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Here is my blog (Carter) of my trip to the Scottish Open last weekend.

I got there on the Friday, traveled with Northern Ireland captain Neil Duff and Northern Ireland manager Gareth Chambers. I got to the venue about 7 on the Friday and I had a practice ahead of my singles match on the Saturday.

There was a mixed triples comp and it was jam-packed, with over 100 entries, and it was Cameron Anderson, Simon McKenner and Carla Boyes who came out on top, defeating Gary Stone, Mitch Butler and Paula Jacklin in the final.

On the Saturday, I got there at roughly 9pm and my first game was at half 10. I won board 30 and being honest, I didn’t know anyone on my board, so I didn’t what to expect to come up against. I won my first game 3-1 to go into the last 512, I didn’t play the best but I was really nervous, an average of just 56.2. I took finishes of 70 and 73 out.

In my next game, where I was terrible, I won 3-0 with a 50 average, which was because of my first leg where I missed doubles, but I had a 21 darter to win the match which helped my average. I then went onto lose my third game 3-1 in the last 256, I went 1-0 up in the first leg, and then he had two 17 darters on his way to victory, in which my openent  (Will Harwood) went onto reach the last 16 stage.

I lost to him with a 55 average. I was pleased with my wins, but I just couldn’t relax at all and I was struggling with the release of my first dart, it was that bad I was having to throw for treble 18. After all this I went and watched a few of Wayne Warren’s matches, (my room mate for the trip) and in one of his matches he averaged 110. He lost in the last 64 stage to Simon Tate and then afterwards we went out for a meal with John O’Shea, Paul Brown (manager of Wayne and John), and a few others.

On the Sunday, I played pairs with Damo Cadden, we won out first match 3-2 and then we lost 3-0 to a good Icelandic pair, Hörður Þór Guðjónssonand Páll Árni Pétursson who averaged 70.5 to beat us. They went onto reach the Quarter Finals where they lost out 3-0 to Ross Montgomery and Martin Adams.

The winner of the pairs were Cameron Menzies and Ryan Hogarth, averaging 100.2 in a 3-0 final victory over Jim Williams and Tony Martin. The beaten Semi-Finalists were Ross Montgomery, Martin Adams and Jason Heaver, Paul Hogan.

So I went and watched a few of the singles matches in the last 32 stage, Jim Williams impressed in his last 32 game against Ritchie Edhouse, 105.3 average to go through to the last 16. My good friend and travel partner Neil Duff reached the Quarter Finals, with notable victories over Allan Edwards (95 average) and Michael Warburton. He lost out in the Quarter Finals to the winner of a PDC Challenge Tour Event winner last year, Darren Beveridge.

Neil Duff Darren Beveridge darts

Jim Williams went onto win the tournament,  he didn’t have it easy at all as he had to battle past well known players James Beeton, Ritchie Edhouse, Ben Hazel, Gary Stone, Darren Beveridge and Steve Hine in the final.

Jim defeated ‘Muffin Man’ Hine in the final with an average of 99.7. Jim played great all tournament, averaging 95.61 for the whole tournament, which is impressive over 9 matches. He even missed double 12 for a 9 darter against Gary Stone. The beaten Quarter Finalists were Gary Stone, Neil Duff, Jason Heaver and Paul Hogan. The between Semi-Finalists were Darren Beveridge and Martin Adams. Beau Greaves won the ladies singles event, defeating Fallon Sherrock 5-2 in the final.

Overall, it was a great weekend of darts, I learned alot, I met new people and I got the pleasure of being in the World Champion and World Masters Company the whole weekend.

I hope to get to a few WDF Events throughout the year, my next one will probably be the Welsh Open. I will also be playing on the PDC Development Tour this year also. I would like to take this opportunity to thank DartsMad for making this all happen and for their continued support in my darts, playing and writing. A big thanks to Big 5 Sports Management (Paul Brown) for letting me stay with them.

Carter Guiney