Super Ted wins first ever CG Darts Bedroom Tournament

The first official CG Darts Bedroom Tournament has been completed!

The tournament was set up on earlier this week, it was run for fun and despite no prize money involved, I sent out 32 invitations and all players wanted to play.

Some players decided to face time each other, some chose to trust each other with the scores and had no complaints. You can easily cheat as is being seen all over the world in the darts news during lock down darts challenges on various apps but all entrants are professional enough not to need to cheat.

For future tournaments, to avoid any accusations of cheating we will be either going live on Facebook for all games or video calling each other. The semi final and final will definitely be streamed on Facebook.

We actually started using Darts No 1 but because of the servers, it was going really slow so we had to switch to Darts Connect, we had a few hiccups there also but we got there in the end.

Ted Evetts wins The CG Darts Bedroom Competition

Ted Evetts win the CG Darts Bedroom Competition as he defeated Luke Humphries 8-4 in the final. With alot of talent on hand, it was going to be difficult to win.

Players played each other at their won homes, playing each other on Dart Connect, the Semi-Final and Final was streamed live on Facebook.

There was Numerous PDC Tour Card Holders participating, along with a few Challenge Tour, Development Tour and BDO Players. 3 nights of action, best of 11 until final best of 15 the whole way through, and difficulty with players having time to play, it turned out successfull.

Ryan Meikle and Dom Taylor reached the Semi-Finals. With Ryan losing out 6-4 to Luke Humphries, and Dom losing out 6-2 to Ted Evetts.

The competition was that good that numerous betting firms offered prices on the Semi-Final games.

We will be running 2 competitions a week. The way it’ll work is, 40 players straight knockout. It will run for 2-3 days each tournament. Friday to Sunday. Tuesday to Thursday and so on. This will happen until the darts are back on so we are talking 3 months!

Carter Guiney

Editors note: A number of bookmakers ran a book on some of the event and were shamelessly promoted by some prominent gambling sites. It goes to show that bookies and affiliates are desperate to attract punters when promoting odds on a fun tournament ran by a 16 year old kid!