The global attraction of darts

Darts is huge and darts is everywhere. If you doubt the global attraction of the sport of darts take a look on TV wherever you are in the world and you are bound to see one and a soap or comedy. Hollywood has been involved and now even the mighty NFL has become involved thanks to the Los Angeles Chargers.

The global attraction of darts

The most popular sitcom ever, Friends, shows us a dart board in almost every single episode thanks to Joey and Chandler’s apartment. No matter where you travel in the world, be it a pub in downtime Beijing or Montego Bay you won’t have to look far to see a board hanging up. The modern electronic dartboards have made it possible for amateurs and pros to mix it up with players around the world on the dart boards from the comfort of their own home

The World Series of Darts has taken the PDC across the globe from Las Vegas to Auckland and many in between with the stars of darts entertaining the huge crowds as though they were rock stars.

Hollywood got involved with commenting on darts through a tweet from legendary Texan actor Matthew McConaughey congratulating Gerwyn Price on his back to back win in the GSOD:

And now even the sport of American Football is using the power of darts to emphasize a point courtesy of the Los Angeles Chargers.

NFL team the Chargers signed Quarterback Justin Herbert in the 6th round of the NFL draft and as is expected on social media some people took to their keyboards to launch criticism of their picking of Herbert. The social media team in LA reacted to this with a superb meme using the sport of darts to answer their doubters:

So whether you love the darts or not, darts is here to stay and will only get bigger as more people see its power in the sporting world through darts news channels like our own. Good luck to the Chargers and Herbert if and when the NFL season gets underway!