The roar of the players

The roar of the players

Well here we are again, with everyone on their social medium of choice discussing the antics at the another professional dart event.

This time however it isn’t the crowd like in my recent blog post but the players. I know the tournament hasn’t finished yet but so far there has been plenty flying around on social media about some of the, possibly excessive, celebrations.

I’m a big fan of the top players and personally feel if a player needs to roar after hitting a 180 or a big shot out then that is fine. But only as long as its done in a respectful manner i.e not in the opponents face and not running round the stage like a chimp in a cage. What is wrong with just giving the big BOOM then walking and getting your darts?

This being said naturally brings us back to last years grand slam final. Gerwyn Price got massively fined and a lot of heat for doing it, this year a few words have been said so far but nothing to the extent of last year. The rest of the competition will be interesting to see, especially with Price and Anderson facing each other again on Saturday night.

This may be a good time for the PDC to lay out some ground rules on this as to what is acceptable and what should incur fines and possible disqualification from the next event. Then suddenly there is a lot more at stake for those players being unreasonable. Obviously a transparent system would need to be in place with a full time body in charge of evaluating each case.

Here at Darts Mad we would love to hear your opinions on the antics and how you would deal with them.

“The roar of the players” By Shaun Fox

Photo credit PDC