We believe the sport of darts would benefit from a truly unified ranking system that is fair and equal to all players of all codes. Our Unified World Darts Rankings system is the first of its kind. Using a balanced points system it combines PDC and BDO events to create a truly unified ranking table. The UWDR design ensures that all players, whichever organisation they play in, have the same number of points available to them.

Selected officially ranked tournaments from the PDC & BDO organisations are taken into account, with ranking points awarded to players based on their finishing position. Ranking points are accumulated over a rolling 24 month period with points weighted to give an emphasis to recent performances. Each players total is made up of all their weighted results over the rolling 24 month period.

Tournaments have been grouped into Gold-Silver-Bronze categories and the points allocations have been balanced to ensure that PDC & BDO players have an equal number of events and points to play for. There is a qualifying criterion for each tournament whereby a player must reach a certain round to receive any points. The exception to this is any tournament with a round robin group stage, where players are awarded points for each game won, rather than finishing position.

This table shows all players in our unified rankings, showing their current UWDR position, title wins and points total. Click on a player to see their full points breakdown over the two year UWDR period.


A big thanks has to go to Gareth Davies who has helped enormously with the system – the testing, the endless tweaking and the hard work of developing a simple, easy to understand and effective UWDR system. Without Gareth’s enthusiasm this project would never have got off the ground.