What happened to the PDC originals

The history of the formation of the PDC has been covered many many times in various media. But what happened to the PDC originals, Matthew Edgar looks back on the 16 players that broke from the amateur darts of the BDO to form a modern and professional set up..

In a two part series Matthew looks at the 16 players that formed the breakaway 28 years ago and gives an insight into how each player did and what they are doing now.

Video 1 features the first 8 players from the 16

Those bitten by the nostalgia bug having watched Matthew’s video might be interested in a look back to some of the Darts Mad articles from those early years.

Matthew mentions the league of legends series which was formed in 2008. Learn more about that series here

This series actually formed the first major ruckus within the PDC because the series was broadcast by a non PDC contracted broadcaster. With the players being under playing contract to the PDC and the PDPA an emergency meeting being held

The PDC is of the opinion that no player participating in the League of Legends may also participate in PDC tournaments

What we cannot, and will not do, is allow any player to benefit from the PDC events whilst not following the rules that apply to all players, as that would create a precedent detrimental to both the PDC and the membership of the PDPA.

This is a ruling that is still in place within the PDC and is strictly adhered to through the player contracts all tour card holders must sign.

The PDC players contract prohibits individual players or groups of players appearing in any competitive televised darts event not under the control of the PDC.

This contract protects the business of the PDC and the membership of the PDPA and we will not grant any exception to this rule.

The full statement released by the PDC at the time is available here on Darts Mad for your viewing

A number of the players who formed part of the original 16 that split from the BDO to form the PDC were interviewed by Darts Mad in the distant past. Whilst we did not own Darts Mad at the time, we are still proud of these interviews and are sure that the history lovers among you will like them too

Darts Mad interview Mike Gregory– A great interview with one of the legends of darts I remember watching on the BBC at the Lakeside when I was a kid

Darts Mad interview Bob Anderson– A quickfire interview with the ” Rhinestone Cowboy” held at a UK Open qualifier in 2007

Darts Mad interview Alan Warriner– Darts Mad caught up with Alan Warriner back in 2011

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