The fixtures for the first nine nights of the Premier League were announced yesterday.

The Premier League features the best players in the world going toe to toe for 17 nights.

The top 4 after 16 nights will get promoted to the playoffs and the player that finishes 9th after 9 weeks will be eliminated.

The 9 PDC players was announced on New Years Day after the conclusion of the 2020 PDC World Championship final. The lineup featured two debutants. They were:

Michael van Gerwen (PDC Order of Merit)

Peter Wright (PDC Order of Merit)

Gerwyn Price (PDC Order of Merit)

Rob Cross (PDC Order of Merit)

Michael Smith (Wildcard)

Gary Anderson (Wildcard)

Daryl Gurney (Wildcard)

Nathan Aspinall (Wildcard)

Glen Durrant (Wildcard)

The Contenders returns after its debut in 2019, but it has now been rebranded as the Challengers. Though many darts fan take a dislike to it, it certainly gives the players a taste of the action. The Challengers will take part in the opening 9 nights of the competition, however they won’t be able to score any points.

The Challengers for this year are:

John Henderson (Aberdeen)

Fallon Sherrock (Nottingham)

Jonny Clayton (Cardiff)

William O’Connor (Dublin)

Luke Humphries (Exeter)

Stephen Bunting (Liverpool)

Chris Dobey (Newcastle)

Jeffrey de Zwaan (Rotterdam, Night 1)

Jermaine Wattiemena (Rotterdam, Night 2)

So without further ado here are the fixtures for the opening 9 nights. Format is the best of 12 legs; first to seven, or a six-all draw.

Night 1 – Aberdeen

Michael Smith v Glen Durrant

Gary Anderson v Daryl Gurney

Michael van Gerwen v Peter Wright

Nathan Aspinall v John Henderson

Gerwyn Price v Rob Cross

Night 2 – Nottingham

Rob Cross v Nathan Aspinall

Gerwyn Price v Michael Smith

Gary Anderson v Peter Wright

Glen Durrant v Fallon Sherrock

Michael van Gerwen v Daryl Gurney

Night 3 – Cardiff

Peter Wright v Rob Cross

Jonny Clayton v Michael Smith

Michael van Gerwen v Nathan Aspinall

Daryl Gurney v Gerwyn Price

Glen Durrant v Gary Anderson

Night 4 – Dublin

Glen Durrant v Nathan Aspinall

Rob Cross v Gary Anderson

Daryl Gurney v Michael Smith

William O’Connor v Michael van Gerwen

Gerwyn Price v Peter Wright

Night 5 – Exeter

Rob Cross v Daryl Gurney

Gerwyn Price v Glen Durrant

Nathan Aspinall v Peter Wright

Gary Anderson v Luke Humphries

Michael Smith v Michael van Gerwen

Night 6 – Liverpool

Michael Smith v Peter Wright

Daryl Gurney v Glen Durrant

Gerwyn Price v Michael van Gerwen

Rob Cross v Stephen Bunting

Gary Anderson v Nathan Aspinall

Night 7 – Newcastle

Michael Smith v Gary Anderson

Michael van Gerwen v Rob Cross

Nathan Aspinall v Gerwyn Price

Chris Dobey v Daryl Gurney

Peter Wright v Glen Durrant

Night 8 – Rotterdam (Wednesday)

Gary Anderson v Gerwyn Price

Nathan Aspinall v Daryl Gurney

Michael Smith v Rob Cross

Michael Smith v Glen Durrant

Peter Wright v Jeffrey de Zwaan

Night 9 – Rotterdam (Thursday)

Glen Durrant v Rob Cross

Nathan Aspinall v Michael Smith

Peter Wright v Daryl Gurney

Michael van Gerwen v Gary Anderson

Jermaine Wattimena v Gerwyn Price