Arrest warrant issued for Corey Cadby
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Arrest warrant issued for Corey Cadby

Overnight social media exploded with the news of an Arrest warrant issued for Corey Cadby.

Darts Mad would like to point out that in all courts of law a person is innocent until proven guilty.

Arrest warrant issued for Corey Cadby

Nicknamed “The King” Cadby is seen by many as one of the most talented darts players in the world. Visa issues have stunted his progress on the PDC tour in recent years and earlier this season Cadby left the UK to return to his native Australia despite having been granted a three year professional sportsman’s Visa.

The publication of the arrest warrant for Cadby for having failed to attend a court appearance on the 24th September was made by Eyewatch Victoria. Project ‘Eyewatch’ is a Victoria Police program with the intention of connecting with the community to develop local solutions for local issues. The arrest warrant comes as something of a surprise as Cadby has two cases to be heard in Magistrates court in November.

Upon hearing of this Corey took to Facebook with a brief post about it:

Cheers for the heads up . I appreciate it. ,👌But for the people who are intread about what your seeing. With everything…

Posted by Corey Arliyah Cadby on Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Whatever the the validity of the warrant may be we cannot say, but have contacted Corey’s management team for a comment. As yet we have not received a reply, but will update this article with anything they wish to add in order to hopefully put social media speculation to rest.

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