BDO World Championship 2020 results Day 1 and 2

The 2020 BDO World championships are under way in Indigo at the O2 in London.

The first two days have seen some good matches and a few surprises sprung already. The Saturday evening session saw number 4 seed Dave Parletti sent packing by the french debutante Tricole and a first round loss for the 5th year in succession for Ross Montgomery.

On the women’s side the number 6 seed Beau Greaves becoame the youngest ever winner of a match in a BDO world championship. Turning 16 in just a few days Beau also declared her intention to enter QSchool which starts a few days after her birthday.

4th January 2020

Afternoon Session
(11) Mario Vandenbogaerde (BEL) 3 vs 0 Sebastian Steyer (POL)
Justin Thompson (AUS) 3 vs 0 Scott Williams (ENG)
Vicky Pruim (SWE) 0 vs 2 Corrine Hammond (AUS)
(4) Dave Parletti (ENG) 2 vs 3 Chris Landman (NTH)

Evening Session
Darren Herewini (NZ) 3 vs 1 Simon Stainton (ENG)
(6) Beau Greaves (ENG) 2 vs 0 Tori Kewish (AUS)
Thibault Tricole (FRA) 3 vs 2 Ross Montgomery (SCO)
(2) Jim Williams (WAL) 3 vs 2 Gary Stone (SCO)

5th January 2020

Afternoon Session
(5) Wayne Warren (WAL) 3 v 2 Justin Thompson (AUS)
Joe Chaney (USA) 2 v 3 Ben Hazel (ENG)
(3) Aileen de Graaf (NTH) 2 v 1 Kirsty Hutchinson (ENG)
(8) Willem Mandigers (NTH) 1 v 3 Michael Unterbuchner (GER)

Evening Session
Andreas Harrysson (SWE) 3 v 2 John O’Shea (IRE)
(5) Deta Hedman (ENG) 0 v 2 Laura Turner (ENG)
Paul Hogan (ENG) 3 v 1 Brian Raman (BEL)
(7) Martijn Kleermaker (NTH) 3 v 0 Gino Vos (NTH)

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