Bulls New Product Launch 2020

Today we are happy to announce the BULLS New Product Launch March 2020 and introduce many of the new items to you here on Darts Mad.

BULLS has been operating out of Münster Germany for over 25 years and has a number of the top names in world darts on their team. With over 30 players on the roster BULLS is continually looking to expand their commitment to the development of players and their equipment.

BULLS New Product Launch March 2020

The BULLS New Product Launch March 2020 is a further sign of their commitment to bringing darts equipment of the highest quality to an ever growing global market. Included in the new products for 2020 is a new series of darts for Austrian star Mensur Suljovic and a long awaited new line of darts for the Polish Eagle Krzysztof Ratajski. Ratajski has been using these darts for a number of weeks now and has already felt the effect having picked up the title at Players Championship event 4 in Wigan.

Introducing the BULLS Orbis Dart Case

BULLS Orbis, the next generation in dart carry cases. The Orbis series comes in two sizes each with high spec compartments for you darts and accessories. The Orbis XL offers space for two full sets of darts which thanks to the dimensions of the case can be transported ready to play.

The Orbis and the Orbis XL have been carefully designed to allow players to safely store multiple sets of flights, shafts/stems, spare points for soft tip darts and more. The soft foam protection in allow you to carry one set (two in the XL) of ready to go darts as the case has ample space and protection for the flights to be attached whilst in the case.

New Darts for Mensur, Krzysztof and Mike

2020 brings in a new age in darts for Team BULLS pros Mensur Suljovic, Krzysztof Ratajski and Mike De Decker.

These darts have been carefully designed together with the player to fit their grip and throw better than ever before and the results are already showing their value. Krzysztof has already picked up a tournament win while Mike is having one of his best ever starts to a season.

The full compliment of new darts for these players come in a 90% Tungsten finish. The 90% tungsten percentage has major advantages over and 80% tungsten dart as this percentage (they are mixed with 10% nickel) allows the darts to be milled thinner. This allows the player to achieve a tighter grouping of the dart in the board but due to the density of the metal allows the player a robust feeling which in turn gives them the confidence in the product’s strength and durability.

Mensur Suljovic

The new range of darts carefully designed with Mensur come in 4 types, a steel tip and soft tip regular playing dart as well as a steel tip and soft tip black edition dart.

Mensur Suljovic Bulls darts 2020Mensur Suljovic Black edition Bulls darts 2020

Suljovic soft tip Bulls darts 2020Suljovic black edition soft tip Bulls darts 2020

Krzysztof Ratajski

Krzysztof Ratajski has been playing with his original BULLS darts for many years without seeing the need to change but midway through last year he felt the need in order to take his game to the next level. Having received the darts earlier this year Krzysztof has been using them on the PDC tour and has immediately seen the increased performance he desired.

With a Pro Tour title to his name already with the new darts this year Krzysztof’s average has also been taken to a new level, the 90% tungsten dart allowing tighter grouping and averages consistently over 100 in his matches.

Krzysztof’s darts come in a steel tip and in a soft tip version.

Krzysztof Ratajski steel tip Bulls dart 2020Krzysztof Ratajski soft tip Bulls dart 2020

Mike De Decker

Belgian youngster Mike De Decker won his tour card back at the start of 2020 and has been using his new dart to good effect on the tour already. Qualifying for the Belgian Darts Championship, the first ever Euro Tour event on Mike’s home soil was a pre-season goal Mike has already achieved with the new dart.

Bulls Mike de Decker dart 2020

BULLS B Cool players shirt

2020 sees a new playing shirt for the members of Team BULLS. The BULLS cool line offers a greater playing comfort in both feel and temperature regulation, keeping players cool on stage under the hot television lights is huge advantage when trying to maintain focus.

Bulls B cool shirts

BULLS B Grip-2

The BULLS B Grip-2 line of shafts/stems is the next generation of the already impressive grip line from BULLS. The solid aluminum ring offers even better protection and the B Grip-2 line offers an improved flight application and holds the flight in place perfectly.

Available in 4 designs means the BULLS B Grip-2 shafts/stems will suit your playing needs

Bulls B-Grip-2 TTCBulls B-Grip-2 TTB

Bulls B-Grip-2 SLBulls B-Grip-2 CL