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The League of Legends is a new tournament for 2008 where eight of the top players from yesteryear will battle it out to see who is the greatest Legend of Darts.

Staged over eight Friday nights between May and August 2008, the competition will feature eight of the biggest and most popular names in darts – Bob Anderson, Eric Bristow, Keith Deller, Peter Evison, Bobby George, John Lowe, Cliff Lazarenko and Dave Whitcombe.

These eight players have between them won everything there is to win – many times over – and are still recognisable as household names to this day. Playing at their peak in the boom years of the 70’s and 80’s they were fixtures on our television sets at a time when big league darts was regularly on terrestrial tv.

With Setanta now involved, and the backing of BetFred, the League of Legends promises to be the start of something big and could well be a fixture in the darts calendar for many a year to come.

We at DartsMad are overjoyed that there is now something for the ‘seniors’ of the game to compete for – tennis, golf and many other sports have seniors tours and it’s about time darts followed suit to enable us fans the chance to see these true legends playing competitively again…and, more importantly, against each other.

There have been classic encounters too numerous to mention between these stalwarts down the years. They have produced some unforgettable moments and given us some of the greatest sporting spectacles of the modern age. Let’s hope the League of Legends can revive those halcyon days. None of the eight competitors have lost the hunger or will to win, and we could be in store for some titanic battles this summer that hark back to a time when flares were all the rage and players smoked and drank beer on stage!

2008 League Details….

The eight Legends have had many battles against each other down the years and we have collated their career records and head to head records below.

The information has come from our Dartabase which is still under construction so this is by no means an exhaustive list. We have a lot more data to go into the Dartabase and this picture will look more complete over the coming weeks.

Starting BetFred Outright Odds :-

Bob Anderson 13-8
Bobby George 7-2
Keith Deller 5-1
John Lowe 7-1
Peter Evison 7-1
Dave Whitcombe 10-1
Cliff Lazarenko 14-1
Eric Bristow 16-1
Week 1 Match Odds :-

1-2 Deller 4-1 Lazarenko 3-1
2-5 Anderson 4-1 Evison 4-1
10-11 Lowe 7-2 Whitcombe 7-4
5-1 Bristow 4-1 George 1-3

Legends all-time records :-

Player Pld Won Draw Lost Win% Ave
Bob Anderson 443 277 0 166 62.53 83.31
Bobby George 101 50 0 51 49.5 0
Cliff Lazarenko 247 119 0 128 48.18 82.77
Dave Whitcombe 161 93 0 68 57.76 0
John Lowe 334 219 0 115 65.57 86.33
Eric Bristow 267 189 0 78 70.79 0
Keith Deller 251 120 0 131 47.81 78.44
Peter Evison 204 90 0 114 44.12 76.91

Legends Head 2 Heads :-

PLAYER Bob Eric Keith Peter Bobby Cliff John Dave
Bob Anderson 2-4 4-0 3-3 3-0 4-1 8-5 3-6
Eric Bristow 4-2 4-3 1-3 3-3 3-0 13-8 13-3
Keith Deller 0-4 3-4 3-1 0-0 2-2 5-7 2-1
Peter Evison 3-3 3-1 1-3 0-0 2-1 3-5 1-0
Bobby George 0-3 3-3 0-0 0-0 1-3 3-3 1-2
Cliff Lazarenko 1-4 0-3 2-2 1-2 3-1 5-10 2-5
John Lowe 5-8 8-13 5-7 5-3 3-3 10-5 5-2
Dave Whitcombe 6-3 3-13 1-2 0-1 2-1 5-2 2-5

Tournament Organiser Lee Henderson’s View :-

We think there will be a crowd towards 650 – 700 by opening at 5pm on the first Friday. All the players, officials and production team are chomping at the bit to get going.

It’s only taken a year from speaking to Eric and Wils to get it on the screen, but come next Friday we will be ready to rock and roll. The title sponsor and co-promoter Betfred have been excellent throughout and a pleasure to work with.

No doubt the slightest mistake by anyone will be scrutinised from certain parties, but what people must realise is that we are not PDC nor BDO, we are the League of Legends. It is a time to see great darting idols return to the stage and do what they do best. The boys in the limelight are all fresh in respect of behind the scenes and on stage so it is a real opportunity for them to make a name.

What people have to remember is that when the PDC first started they had crowds of 30 and 40, the simple fact is that Barry Hearn took it by the scruff of the neck and made it what it is today, so credit where credit is due. Any organisation who can fill a venue with 8,000 people for a darting event, I take my hat off to them.

So, as it is our first year we intend to enjoy the ride and most of all entertain the crowds, and we do have a lot going on which people will see from the opening night. Keep an eye out for the Double Top Girls! By the way,we are running a competition for each venue in which any female can enter to be a walk on girl for the night. A great opportunity for any budding females who would like to get their faces on TV!

To all of the players, referee’s, MC, official’s, long suffering wives/girlfriends, Team Legend, I sincerely thank each and everyone and can’t wait to start.

Regards, Lee


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