DPA results from Pine Rivers, Queesnsland

This weekend saw three tournaments take place on the DPA Winmau Pro Tour 2020.

The event was held at Pine Rivers in Queensland Australia and each tournament saw over 90 competitors put toe to the oche.

Below you can find the results from the last 16 of each tournament and the updated DPA Order of merit can be found here

DPA results from Pine Rivers, Queensland

Friday March 6th

Straight Knockout

Jamie Rundle 1-6 Mal Cuming

Top 4
Gordon-Glen Mathers 3-6 Jamie Rundle
Mal Cuming 6-3 James Bailey

Top 8
Gordon-Glen Mathers 6-3 Mick Lean
Jamie Rundle 6-1 Rhys Mathewson
Raymond Smith 3-6 Mal Cuming
James Bailey 6-3 Brody Klinge

Top 16
Gordon-Glen Mathers 6-1 Steve MacArthur
Mick Lean 6-2 Raymond O’Donnell
Haupai Puha 5-6 Jamie Rundle
Mick Lacey 3-6 Rhys Mathewson
Robbie King 2-6 Raymond Smith
Mal Cuming 6-3 Liam McLennan
James Bailey 6-4 Ben Robb
Brody Klinge 6-0 Brandon Weening


Faith Kaniuku 5-2 Ann Lacey

Top 4
Faith Kainuku 5-2 Jess Smiley
Kathleen Martin 4-5 Ann Lacey

Top 8
Faith Kainuku 5-3 Sharron Keogh
Kylie Hawkins 4-5 Jess Smiley
Noreen Perry 5-2 Kathleen Martin
Sally Fenton 2-5 Ann Lacey

Top 16
Charlotte Sait 0-5 Faith Kainuku
Monique Ghilotti 2-5 Sharron Keogh
Taryn Abbott 3-5 Kylie Hawkins
Donna Barrington 1-5 Jess Smiley
Sharon Casey 0-5 Noreen Perry
Vanessa James 4-5 Kathleen Martin
Margaret Eagers 0-5 Sally Fenton
Courtney Marshall 2-5 Ann Lacey

Saturday March 7th:


Round Robin followed by straight knockout

Ben Robb 5-2 Haupai Puha

Top 4
Ben Robb 5-2 Brandon Weening
Brody Klinge 3-5 Haupai Puha

Top 8
Ben Robb 5-3 Jamie Rundle
Tim Pusey 1-5 Brandon Weening
Steve Fitzpatrick 3-5 Brody Klinge
Rhys Mathewson 1-5 Haupai Puha

Top 16
Gordon-Glen Mathers 5-2 Ben Robb
Raymond O’Donnell v Jamie Rundle
Tim Pusey 5-1 Liam McLennan
Mick Lacey 3-5 Brandon Weening
James Bailey 2-5 Steve Fitzpatrick
Brendan McCausland 4-5 Brody Klinge
Mal Cuming 4-5 Rhys Mathewson
Haupai Puha 5-1 Raymond Smith

Faith Kaniuku 3-4 Chrissy Sheerin

Top 4
Kylie Hawkins 0-4 Faith Kaniuku
Ann Lacey 1-4 Chrissy Sheerin

Top 8
Kylie Hawkins 4-3 Sally Fenton
Sharron Keogh 2-4 Faith Kaniuku
Ann Lacey 4-2 Vanessa James
Leonie Ward 3-4 Chrissy Sheerin

Top 16
Kylie Hawkins 4-1 Lisa Sandham
Teresa Morris 0-4 Sally Fenton
Sharron Keogh 4-3 Kathleen Martiin
Faith Kaniuku 4-1 Courtney Marshall
Noreen Perry 0-4 Ann Lacey
Vanessa James 4-1 Tennille Cook
Leonie Ward 4-3 Monica Ribero
Chrissy Sheerin 4-0 Jess Smiley

Sunday March 8th:

Set Play


Gordon-Glen Mathers 0-2 Steve Fitzpatrick

Top 4
Gordon-Glen Mathers 2-0 Brendan McCausland
James Bailey 0-2 Steve Fitzpatrick

Top 8
Gordon-Glen Mathers 2-0 Glen Jones
Tim Pusey 1-2 Brendan McCausland
James Bailey 2-0 Mal Cuming
Steve Fitzpatrick 2-0 Mick Lacey

Top 16
Gordon-Glen Mathers 2-0 Ben Robb
Jimmy Raroa 1-2 Glen Jones
Tim Pusey 2-0 Liam
Brody Klinge 1-2 Brendan McCausland
James Bailey 2-1 Raymond Smith
Mal Cuming 2-0 Adam Bainbridge
Robbie King 0-2 Steve Fitzpatrick
Mick Lacey 2-0 Michael Ruthenberg


Sally Fenton 0-2 Chrissy Sheerin

Top 4
Sally Fenton 2-0 Vanessa James
Kylie Hawkins 0-2 Chrissy Sheerin

Top 8
Sharron Keogh 0-2 Sally Fenton
Kathleen Martin 2-1 Vanessa James
Taryn Abbott 0-2 Kylie Hawkins
Chrissy Sheerin 2-0 Monica Ribero

Top 16
Sharron Keogh 2-0 Sharon Casey
Monique Ghilotti 2-0 Sally Fenton
Kathleen Martin 2-1 Ann Lacey
Vanessa James 2-0 Faith Kaniuku
Taryn Abbott 2-0 Maddisson Justice
Jess Smiley 0-2 Kylie Hawkins
Chrissy Sheerin 2-0 Courtney Marshall
Monica Ribero 2-0 Lisa Sandham