Who is defending what for the OoM and Pro Tour OoM at Eurotour 1 (1)

The Belgian darts Championship (Eurotour event 1) gets underway in Hasselt tomorrow so we take a look back at the equivalent event for the Pro Tour order of Merit (2019) and the PDC Order of Merit (2018) and the potential impact for players on the rankings.

Although the event was played after the UK Open in 2018 and 2019 the equivalent prize money will come off, or be added, to the respective rankings based on this weekend’s results. This happens in the week of the corresponding event, so for the main order of merit this will be the week of 23-25 March (2018) and for the Pro tour order of merit the week of 22-24 March (2019).

PDC Eurotour 1, The Belgian Darts Championship

PDC eurotour 1 in both years was the European Darts Open in Leverkusen, which this year will be eurotour 3. Michael van Gerwen won the event in both years and as such is defending £25000 on both orders of merit.

Back in 2018 MvG defeated the then defending champion Peter Wright in a thrilling final. With MvG throwing a superb 102.04 average and Wright an excellent 98.55 average the final went all the way, Michael eventually coming out an 8-7 winner.

The table below shows all prize money players are defending on the PDC Order of Merit. Players in red will lose the corresponding amount having failed to qualify for the Belgian darts Championship. Players who won prize money at the event and have since lost their tour card are not listed in the table below. Wayne Jones for example played in event 1 in 2018 and lost his tour card at the end of 2019, he since regained his tour card at Q-School but all ranking money was reset to zero when he regained it.

You will also see 6 players in the list with 0 prize money next to their name. These players were seeded into the second round but lost their first match and as such did not receive prize money counting towards the rankings (but did receive it in their banks).

PDC Eurotour 1 2018 Prize money

Michael van GerwenNetherlands£25.000
Peter WrightScotland£10.000
James WadeEngland£6.000
Richard NorthEngland£6.000
Simon WhitlockAustralia£4.000
Ron MeulenkampNetherlands£4.000
Mervyn KingEngland£4.000
Joe CullenEngland£4.000
Dave ChisnallEngland£3.000
Mensur SuljovicAustria£3.000
Rob CrossEngland£3.000
John HendersonScotland£3.000
Michael SmithEngland£3.000
Chris DobeyEngland£3.000
Justin PipeEngland£3.000
Luke WoodhouseEngland£2.000
Danny NoppertNetherlands£2.000
Adrian LewisEngland£2.000
Jermaine WattimenaNetherlands£2.000
Gabriel ClemensGermany£2.000
Dimitri Van den BerghBelgium£1.000
Luke HumphriesEngland£1.000
Jan DekkerNetherlands£1.000
Jonny ClaytonWales£1.000
Steve BeatonEngland£1.000
Vincent van der VoortNetherlands£1.000
Max HoppGermany£1.000
Jeffrey de ZwaanNetherlands£1.000
Ian WhiteEngland£0
Kyle AndersonAustralia£0
Kim HuybrechtsBelgium£0
Daryl GurneyNorthern Ireland£0
Jelle KlaasenNetherlands£0
Gerwyn PriceWales£0

As mentioned above Michael van Gerwen also won the PDC Eurotour 1 tournament in 2019 beating Rob Cross in the final. Once again the final was a high quality affair with MvG averaging 104.79 in his 8-6 win over Cross who averaged 100.27 himself in defeat.

The tournament also saw Michael van Gerwen hit a perfect nine dart leg. This 9 darter is arguably one of the best ever as he finished the sequence needing 147 and took it out through treble 19 followed by the bulls eye and finished off with double tops.

Prize money from this tournament is being defended on the Pro Tour order of merit, once again players who have failed to qualify and will therefore lose the money on their ranking before a dart is thrown are in red. This time 4 seeded players failed to win their first match and so didn’t get any ranking money.

PDC Eurotour 1 2019 Prize money

Michael van GerwenNetherlands£25.000
Rob CrossEngland£10.000
Mensur SuljovicAustria£6.500
Peter WrightScotland£6.500
Gerwyn PriceWales£5.000
James WadeEngland£5.000
Daryl GurneyNorthern Ireland£5.000
Justin PipeEngland£5.000
Dimitri Van den BerghBelgium£3.000
Dave ChisnallEngland£3.000
Jermaine WattimenaNetherlands£3.000
Jonny ClaytonWales£3.000
Darren WebsterEngland£3.000
Joe CullenEngland£3.000
Ross SmithEngland£3.000
Krzysztof RatajskiPoland£3.000
Glen DurrantEngland£2.000
Mervyn KingEngland£2.000
Jeffrey de ZwaanNetherlands£2.000
Vincent van der VoortNetherlands£2.000
Kim HuybrechtsBelgium£2.000
Ted EvettsEngland£2.000
Steve BeatonEngland£2.000
Matthew EdgarEngland£1.000
Josh PayneEngland£1.000
Madars RazmaLatvia£1.000
Ian WhiteEngland£0
Adrian LewisEngland£0
Michael SmithEngland£0
Simon WhitlockAustralia£0