Got a PDC tour card but what now

As part of the series we are running with Matthew Edgar about Q-school we ask the question “Got a PDC tour card but what now?”

When we looked at the Q-School class of 2018 we showed that only 9 of the 33 players who won a tour card at Q-School managed to make it into the top-64 (thus earning at least 1 more year on tour) in the two years.

As is the case with yesterday’s Q-School discussion point Matthew is in a perfect position to comment and offer insight to the question we ask in this article and accompanying video on Edgar TV.

Got a PDC tour card but what now?

As we pointed out yesterday Matthew has gone through Q-School a number of times winning a card 3 times and missing out twice. The tour card he won in 2018 is the first time he managed to make it into the top 64 by the end of the 2 year protected status gaining a card at Q-School gives a player.

Matthew earned exactly 60000 GBP on the tour in the two year period and finished right at the cut off point in position 64 (as mentioned in the original article his ranking will probably be 63 because of Raymond van Barneveld retiring).


In his video Matthew takes us through how he went about the task of making it 3rd time lucky in terms of making it into the top 64. Which tournaments do you need to get into and how often over that two year period do you need to do it to achieve the prize money to enter the top 64?

As mentioned in the article covering episode 1 we will be doing more informational articles supported by a video from our resident pro in the weeks and months to come. Feel free to contact us or drop a message on any of our social media accounts if you have a topic you would like covering in this way.