Prime-time picks 10 Q-School players to follow

With the deadline for registration for Q-School 2020 at 1400 GMT on the 14th, Prime-time picks 10 Q-school players to follow.

The 3rd video in our series of 4 with Matthew Edgar will appear very soon on his You-Tube channel. If you haven’t already subscribed to his channel please do, and set notifications on to be alerted to his new uploads.

Prime-time picks 10 Q-school players to follow

So far this series we have covered what it takes to win a tour card at Q-School and what is needed to keep your tour card once you have won one.

Using the information provided in the first video Matthew takes us through 10 players he is going to follow at Q-School this week.

Does he expect surprise tour card winners?

Does he expect those who lost their card last season to win it straight back this year?

10 Q-school players to follow

Matthew once again backs up his picks with relevant information he feels is key. As a three time tour card winner through Q-School he has shown he knows what it takes so we will be following his picks closely.

A huge thank you to everyone who has commented on the series so far on our social media channels and on YouTube. Known for his comedic approach to video making we are delighted Matthew has partnered up with us for these more serious videos and judging from the comments we see that they are at least as well received!

We will be doing a number of series with Matthew in the coming months, feel free to drop us a message if you have topics you would like to see covered by us.

If you have been inspired by this series and fancy taking on the challenge of Q-School you do still have time. As mentioned registration closes at 14:00 GMT on the 14th January. More information can be found on the PDC website.