Teerful van Gerwen breaks down about why he hates Klaasen "to the bone"

Michael van Gerwen broke down in the post match interview with RTL7 after defeating one time best friend Jelle Klaasen 3-1 in the second round of the PDC World Championship last night.

Fans have for a long time noticed that the pair never shake hands before or after matches but the disgusting truth had been left off the table until last night when van Gerwen could no longer contain his disdain for the despicable acts of Klaasen.

Back in 2012 Klaasen received 16 hours community service and a €400 fine for sending naked photos to an underage mentally handicapped girl. Unforgivable in any situation but van Gerwen broke down and explained further:

“If someone sends something like that to my wife’s sister, while she was fourteen and has a disability, you will break. I will never be able to give it a place and I will never forgive him,” says Van Gerwen about Klaasen.

“It happened a long time ago, but it’s all coming up again. Jelle and I were so close to each other in the past. We saw each other five days a week, did everything together. That’s finished now course. I hate him to the bone.”

“Jelle does not deserve respect, so I am not going to give him a hand. I think that the people who accuse me of unsporting behavior will understand, now that they know what has happened in the past,” said Van Gerwen.

“I thought it would be easier for myself, but it was very hard for me to face him. I was constantly thinking about it. I definitely didn’t want to lose to him and that is why this win is so important to me.”

Klaasen was also asked after the match about the events on stage, but he didn’t want to respond to anything.

Official reports at the time had the girl at 15 years old.

Klaasen sent her three nude photos on which he has an erection and also asked for photos from her. He also sent spicy private tweets and emails containing texts such as:

“Let me see some goodies”

“Take a picture in your bikini briefs and that it is nice and tight on you.” Jelle Klaasen

Thankfully she didn’t send pictures back.

After the verdict Klaasen admitted:

“I am deeply ashamed and am very disappointed that I have been so stupid.”

“I have heard that this girl had some problems, but I was not aware that she was staying in an institution and that the psychological problems were so great.”

MVG slightly less candid post match interview with Sky Sports: