Covid 19 virus to affect euro tour?

With the COVID-19 virus being hot news everywhere you turn it is no surprise to see that the virus could effect the Eurotour events. Players and managers have been advised not to book travel and accommodation for PDC euro tour events 2,3 and 4 due to be played in Sindelfingen, Leverkusen and Munich respectively.

The Germany health minister Jens Spahn has called on organisers of large public events to cancel them and urged members of the public to stay at home. This statement came as a result of Germany having officially seen the Corona virus hit as of Wednesday last week. Germany had over 900 cases confirmed on Sunday and this number has since increased.

The statement from the health minister is not a binding decree as Under Germany’s federal system, the health minister does not have the power to call off individual events. Germany is divided into 16 federal states, these states apply their own ruling with regards to events like this but a lead from the federal government is typically followed by the federal states.

The Virus has already had a severe impact on the Asian Tour events with the first three weekends having been cancelled (see Nitin’s DartsMad blog for more information)

Last week the PDC issued a press release with regards to the COVID-19 (Corona virus) and people attending PDC events and the PDPA has now issued an statement to its members. The advice can be found in full on the PDPA website and we have quoted it below for your information.

PDPA statement:

10 Mar 2020 Article by ‐ PDPA

Update regarding Coronavirus Advice for PDC Events, the PDPA announce the following for our Members which affects the upcoming Euro Tour events.

All players and managers are advised to keep themselves up-to-date with any official guidance currently in place worldwide due to Corona virus, which can change at any time – especially in relation to travel and freedom of movement.

At present, we advise all not to book travel and accommodation for events two to four of the European Tour in Germany. Any further information regarding these events will be announced and circulated in due course.

All players, managers and fans need to take note of the current situation and any possible further situations which can change at any point in relation to travelling in Europe.

It is paramount that you get the correct information and are all covered with the correct travel insurance, so please check that you are covered (Small Print) on your policy. Particularly Travel Disruption Cover.

If possible, book any travel/hotels which can be cancelled at no extra cost.
Please note, if any hotels, flights, travel or events are cancelled due to Covid-19 Coronavirus it will be your travel insurance companies responsibility, but there are many stipulations which you need to be aware of.

Insurance Advice:
Martin Lewis: from ‘Money Saving Expert’ has given his analysis on the current situation and any insurance advice please CLICK HERE for his in depth analysis.

UK Government. There is also the current UK Governments current and updated advice on travel CLICK HERE

Any further information regarding this particular issue will be published ASAP, this advice is given on Tuesday 11th March.