World Darts Championship – Schedule of Play

Tickets, priced at £15, are still available for the first round, and can be bought from the Circus Tavern Box Office on 01708 864001 or 01708 867271.

FIRST ROUND – Monday 18th December 2006

1pm – Ronnie Baxter v Adrian Gray
2pm – Steve Maish v Wynand Havenga
3pm – Terry Jenkins v Mark Lawrence
4pm – Matt Clark v Mick McGowan

7pm – Chris Mason v Wayne Atwood
8pm – John Part v Alan Green
9pm – Phil Taylor v Anton Pein
10pm – Peter Manley v Dave Jowett

Tuesday 19th December 2006

1pm – Mark Walsh v Rico Vonck
2pm – Barrie Bates v Brian Cyr
3pm – Bob Anderson v Darren Webster
4pm – Denis Ovens v Steve Smith

7pm – Alan Warriner-Little v Alan Tabern
8pm – Colin Lloyd v Tomas Seyler
9pm – Raymond van Barneveld v Mitchell Clegg
10pm – Adrian Lewis v Anthony Fleet

Wednesday 20th December 2006

1pm – Wayne Jones v Ian Branks
2pm – Lionel Sams v Dave Ladley
3pm – Colin Monk v Per Laursen
4pm – Andy Hamilton v Gary Welding

7pm – Steve Beaton v Gerry Convery
8pm – Dennis Priestley v Josephus Schenk
9pm – Wayne Mardle v Alan Caves
10pm – James Wade v Warren French

Thursday 21st December 2006

1pm – Dave Askew v Martin Burchell
2pm – Andy Smith v Shi Yongsheng
3pm – Wes Newton v Tetsuya Wada
4pm – Andy Jenkins v Bill Davis

7pm – Mark Dudbridge v John Kuczynski
8pm – Roland Scholten v Ron Miller
9pm – Kevin Painter v Colin Osborne
10pm – Alex Roy v Richie Burnett

SECOND ROUND – Friday 22rd December 2006

12.10pm – Walsh/Vonck v Bates/Cyr
2pm – Lewis/Fleet v Jones/Branks
3.30pm – T Jenkins/Lawrence v Beaton/Convery

6.10pm – Manley/Jowett v Maish/Havenga
7.45pm – Mason/Atwood v Part/Green
9.15pm – Lloyd/Seyler v van Barneveld/Clegg
10.45pm – Baxter/Gray v Anderson/Webster

Tuesday 26th December 2006

6.10pm – Ovens/S Smith v Warriner-Little/Tabern
7.45pm – Dudbridge/Kuczynski v Hamilton/Welding
9.15pm – Taylor/Pein v Clark/McGowan
10.45pm – Mardle/Caves v Askew/Burchell

Wednesday 27th December 2006

12.10pm – Wade/French v Sams/Ladley
2pm – Priestley/Schenk v Monk/Laursen
3.30pm – Painter/Osborne v Newton/Wada

6.10pm – A Jenkins/Davis v A Smith/Yongsheng
7.45pm – Scholten/Miller v Roy/Burnett


9.15pm – Lloyd/Seyler/van Barneveld/Clegg v Walsh/Vonck/Bates/Cyr (Game 49)
10.45pm – Mardle/Caves/Askew/Burchell v Ovens/S Smith/Warriner-Little/Tabern (Game 50)

Thursday 28th December 2006

12.10pm – Manley/Jowett/Maish/Havenga v Baxter/Gray/Anderson/Webster (Game 51)
2pm – Scholten/Miller/Roy/Burnett v Painter/Osborne/Newton/Wada (Game 52)
3.30pm – Lewis/Fleet/Jones/Branks v A Jenkins/Davis/A Smith/Yongsheng (Game 53)

7.10pm – T Jenkins/Lawrence/Beaton/Convery v Wade/French/Sams/Ladley (Game 54)
8.45pm – Taylor/Pein/Clark/McGowan v Mason/Atwood/Part/Green (Game 55)
10.15pm – Priestley/Schenk/Monk/Laursen v Dudbridge/Kuczynski/Hamilton/Welding (Game 56)

QUARTER-FINALS – Friday 29th December 2006

12.10pm – Winner Game 53 v Winner Game 52
3.30pm – Winner Game 54 v Winner Game 56

7.10pm – Winner Game 49 v Winner Game 50
9.00pm – Winner Game 55 v Winner Game 51

SEMI-FINALS – Saturday 30th December 2006

7.10pm – Winner quarter final 1 v Winner quarter final 3
9.00pm – Winner quarter final 2 v Winner quarter final 4

FINAL – Monday 1st January 2007



First Round – Best of five sets, best of five legs per set
Second Round – Best of Seven sets, best of five legs per set
Third Round – Best of Seven sets, best of five legs per set
Quarter-Finals – Best of Nine sets, best of five legs per set
Semi-Finals – Best of 11 sets, best of five legs per set
Final – Best of 13 sets, best of five legs per set

There will be a tie-break rule employed in all matches