Worst case scenario PDC world rankings

The COVID-19 fall out has deeply affected the PDC schedule for 2020 with countless postponements of ranking events needing rescheduling.

The PDC have been brilliant in juggling these unfortunate events, rearranging key events and cancelling some of the exhibition events like the World Series and Champions League.

A big problem is the lack of clarity surrounding the ranking events, and the rankings themselves that will have a significant impact on the professional status of a vast majority of the stars of the PDC.

Currently a significant portion of the crucial events have not been rescheduled, 10 players championship events and 7 European tour events require rescheduling.

These 17 events carry a total of 1.73m pounds in prize money with each players championship event carry 75k and each euro-tour 140k and that is money currently not be earned by the players, but also not being defended by players on the PDC order of merit.

What is the worst case scenario for the PDC world rankings?

No news on what is happening to the world rankings has been provided so far despite two of the biggest tours in the world, the ATP and the WTA having set a precedent in very quickly announcing a freezing of their world ranking systems.

As such, we will take a look at the worst possible scenario for players, sponsors, and managers of this lack of clarity. The worst case is that these events cannot be rescheduled and that the are to be counted as having been not defended on the PDC order of merit and the the pro tour order of merit.

Adding to the worst case is the cancellation of 4 more Pro tour events as the 2 players championships in early August are unlikely to happen given the UK’s stance on the entertainment industry being the last to restart as restrictions get lifted. The 2 players championships in Hildesheim Germany at the end of August will definitely need rescheduling as Germany has banned all events until October at the earliest.

Bearing this worst case in mind we have produced a new PDC order of merit removing these events from the 2018 prize money. For the sake of the absolute worst case we have also removed the 2018 World Matchplay prize money as this year’s edition is also scheduled to be played in this time frame.

For the PDC Pro tour order of merit we have done the same for the 2019 events as though they weren’t defended by players.

Please note that this is a purely hypothetical scenario as we do not expect the PDC to carry this measure out as the legal ramifications would be enormous.

The PDC Order of merit if all events are classed as not having been defended:

1Michael van GerwenNetherlands£1.446.500
2Peter WrightScotland£858.500
3Gerwyn PriceWales£760.250
4Rob CrossEngland£512.500
5Michael SmithEngland£491.750
6Nathan AspinallEngland£456.750
7Daryl GurneyNorthern Ireland£411.500
8James WadeEngland£379.750
9Dave ChisnallEngland£341.000
10Gary AndersonScotland£312.750
11Ian WhiteEngland£302.250
12Mensur SuljovicAustria£244.750
13Glen DurrantEngland£240.500
14Krzysztof RatajskiPoland£238.000
15Adrian LewisEngland£219.500
16Chris DobeyEngland£217.750
17Stephen BuntingEngland£211.750
18Simon WhitlockAustralia£209.000
19Jonny ClaytonWales£203.500
20Joe CullenEngland£188.000
21Dimitri Van den BerghBelgium£183.250
22Mervyn KingEngland£180.750
23Jeffrey de ZwaanNetherlands£175.250
23Jermaine WattimenaNetherlands£175.250
25Steve BeatonEngland£166.750
26Danny NoppertNetherlands£166.250
27Ricky EvansEngland£158.750
28Max HoppGermany£150.250
29Keegan BrownEngland£143.250
30Brendan DolanNorthern Ireland£142.000
31Luke HumphriesEngland£139.750
32Vincent van der VoortNetherlands£135.750
33John HendersonScotland£134.750
34Darren WebsterEngland£132.000
35Jamie HughesEngland£128.500
36William O’ConnorIreland£120.750
37Gabriel ClemensGermany£116.250
38Kim HuybrechtsBelgium£113.250
39Ryan SearleEngland£112.250
40Steve WestEngland£105.750
41Ryan JoyceEngland£95.000
42Ross SmithEngland£91.500
43Josh PayneEngland£91.000
44Steve LennonIreland£90.000
45Cristo ReyesSpain£89.000
46James WilsonEngland£86.000
47Kyle AndersonAustralia£85.250
48Darius LabanauskasLithuania£82.500
49Ron MeulenkampNetherlands£80.500
50Jelle KlaasenNetherlands£76.750
51Jose de SousaPortugal£68.750
52Devon PetersenSouth Africa£68.250
53Benito van de PasNetherlands£68.000
54Justin PipeEngland£62.250
55Luke WoodhouseEngland£60.500
56Martin SchindlerGermany£54.250
57Jamie LewisWales£52.500
58Harry WardEngland£51.750
59Mickey MansellNorthern Ireland£50.500
60Jan DekkerNetherlands£50.000
61Ted EvettsEngland£45.500
62Richard NorthEngland£45.000
63Matthew EdgarEngland£44.750
64Toni AlcinasSpain£42.500
65Mark McGeeneyEngland£41.500
66Andy BoultonEngland£41.250
67Simon StevensonEngland£41.000
68Robert ThorntonScotland£39.000
69Madars RazmaLatvia£30.500
70Rowby-John RodriguezAustria£29.500
71Geert NentjesNetherlands£22.000
72Joe MurnanEngland£20.500
73Scott BakerEngland£19.000
74Gavin CarlinNorthern Ireland£18.750
75Conan WhiteheadEngland£18.500
76Marko KanteleFinland£17.500
77Dirk van DuijvenbodeNetherlands£17.000
78Kirk ShepherdEngland£15.500
79Maik KuivenhovenNetherlands£15.000
80Christian BunseGermany£13.500
81Niels ZonneveldNetherlands£13.000
82Matt ClarkEngland£12.000
83Adrian GrayEngland£11.500
83Reece RobinsonEngland£11.500
85Vincent van der MeerNetherlands£11.000
85Yordi MeeuwisseNetherlands£11.000
85David PallettEngland£11.000
88John MichaelGreece£10.500
89Carl WilkinsonEngland£10.000
90Jason Lowe England£9.000
90Jonathan WorsleyWales£9.000
92Jeff SmithCanada£8.500
93Derk TelnekesNetherlands£7.750
94Kyle McKinstryNorthern Ireland£7.500
94Barrie BatesWales£7.500
96Nathan DerryEngland£7.000
97Alan TabernEngland£6.500
97Mike van DuivenbodeNetherlands£6.500
99Kai Fan LeungHong Kong£6.000
99Mike De DeckerBelgium£6.000
99Martijn KleermakerNetherlands£6.000
99Scott WaitesEngland£6.000
103Martin Atkins (Wigan)England£4.500
103William BorlandScotland£4.500
105Andy HamiltonEngland£4.000
105Damon HetaAustralia£4.000
105Wesley HarmsNetherlands£4.000
105Scott MitchellEngland£4.000
105Nick KennyWales£4.000
110Karel SedlacekCzech Republic£3.500
111Ciaran TeehanIreland£3.000
111Darren PenhallEngland£3.000
111Gary BladesEngland£3.000
111Wayne JonesEngland£3.000
111Adam HuntEngland£3.000
111Steve BrownEngland£3.000
117Ryan MeikleEngland£2.500
117Michael BarnardEngland£2.500
117Robert CollinsEngland£2.500
120Bradley BrooksEngland£2.000
120Callan RydzEngland£2.000
120Lewis WilliamsWales£2.000
120Rhys HaydenEngland£2.000
120Ronny HuybrechtsBelgium£2.000
120Wesley PlaisierNetherlands£2.000
120Andrew GildingEngland£2.000
120Jesus NogueraSpain£2.000
120Lisa AshtonEngland£2.000
120Peter JacquesEngland£2.000
120Daniel LarssonSweden£2.000
131Eddie LovelyEngland£1.500
131Steffen SiepmannGermany£1.500
131Boris KrcmarCroatia£1.500
131Harald LeitingerAustria£1.500
131Ryan MurrayScotland£1.500
136Benjamin PratnemerSlovenia£1.000
136Carl HamiltonEngland£1.000
136Dom TaylorEngland£1.000
136Geert De VosBelgium£1.000
136Jason AskewEngland£1.000
136Jeffrey Van EgdomBelgium£1.000
136Kevin DoetsNetherlands£1.000
136Nathan RaffertyNorthern Ireland£1.000
136Ryan HarringtonEngland£1.000
136Scott TaylorEngland£1.000
136Stephen BurtonEngland£1.000
136Adam HuckvaleEngland£1.000
136Jitse van der WalNetherlands£1.000
149Arjan KontermanNetherlands£500
149Brian RamanBelgium£500
149Connor ScuttEngland£500
149Diogo PortelaBrazil£500
149Graham UsherEngland£500
149Matthew DennantEngland£500
155Aaron BeeneyEngland£0
155Adam Smith-NealeEngland£0
155Alfie ThompsonEngland£0
155Andrew DavidsonScotland£0
155Andy JenkinsEngland£0
155Ben CheesemanEngland£0
155Berry van Peer Netherlands£0
155Boris KoltsovRussia£0
155Cameron MenziesScotland£0
155Cody HarrisNew Zealand£0
155Colin OsborneEngland£0
155Daniel AyresEngland£0
155Danny van TrijpNetherlands£0
155Darren BeveridgeScotland£0
155Fallon SherrockEngland£0
155Greg RitchieScotland£0
155James HubbardEngland£0
155James RichardsonEngland£0
155Jamie ClarkScotland£0
155Jason HeaverEngland£0
155Jim WalkerScotland£0
155Justin SmithWales£0
155Keane BarryIreland£0
155Kelvin SelfEngland£0
155Kevin BurnessNorthern Ireland£0
155Krzysztof KciukPoland£0
155Owen RoelofsNetherlands£0
155Patrick LynskeyEngland£0
155Robert OwenWales£0
155Shane McGuirkIreland£0
155Stu WilsonEngland£0

The Pro Tour Order of merit if all events are classed as not having been defended:

11Michael van GerwenNetherlands£167.750
23Gerwyn PriceWales£157.250
32Ian WhiteEngland£156.250
44Peter WrightScotland£139.750
55Krzysztof RatajskiPoland£119.000
69James WadeEngland£104.500
78Mensur SuljovicAustria£100.750
86Daryl GurneyNorthern Ireland£96.500
910Nathan AspinallEngland£94.500
107Dave ChisnallEngland£91.500
1111Joe CullenEngland£79.500
1212Glen DurrantEngland£76.500
1314Jamie HughesEngland£66.500
1419Michael SmithEngland£65.750
1515Rob CrossEngland£64.500
1617Jeffrey de ZwaanNetherlands£57.750
1713Adrian LewisEngland£57.250
1816Jonny ClaytonWales£56.250
1918Jermaine WattimenaNetherlands£54.250
2022Steve BeatonEngland£52.750
2121Stephen BuntingEngland£52.500
2220Jose de SousaPortugal£51.250
2326Danny NoppertNetherlands£49.750
2424Brendan DolanNorthern Ireland£49.500
2523Keegan BrownEngland£48.250
2624Simon WhitlockAustralia£43.000
2729Ricky EvansEngland£41.500
2831Justin PipeEngland£40.750
2830Gabriel ClemensGermany£40.750
3028Chris DobeyEngland£40.250
3134Mervyn KingEngland£39.750
3127Vincent van der VoortNetherlands£39.750
3333Dimitri Van den BerghBelgium£37.750
3432William O’ConnorIreland£37.000
3535John HendersonScotland£34.750
3636Max HoppGermany£31.250
3738Darren WebsterEngland£30.500
3737Ross SmithEngland£30.500
3940Ryan SearleEngland£30.000
4042Kim HuybrechtsBelgium£29.750
4138Ron MeulenkampNetherlands£29.250
4243Steve WestEngland£28.000
4345Luke HumphriesEngland£27.750
4443Ted EvettsEngland£25.000
4541Harry WardEngland£24.500
4646Darius LabanauskasLithuania£23.500
4748Gary AndersonScotland£22.750
4851Mickey MansellNorthern Ireland£22.000
4947Ryan JoyceEngland£21.500
5058Luke WoodhouseEngland£21.000
5057Steve LennonIreland£21.000
5253Kyle AndersonAustralia£20.500
5353Josh PayneEngland£20.000
5452James WilsonEngland£19.750
5550Andy BoultonEngland£19.500
5656Jelle KlaasenNetherlands£19.250
5760Rowby-John RodriguezAustria£19.000
5749Cristo ReyesSpain£19.000
5959Devon PetersenSouth Africa£18.250
6053Mark McGeeneyEngland£16.500
6161Martin SchindlerGermany£15.250
6263Madars RazmaLatvia£15.000
6365Joe MurnanEngland£14.500
6362Conan WhiteheadEngland£14.500
6563Matthew EdgarEngland£14.000
6691Dirk van DuijvenbodeNetherlands£13.000
6666Robert ThorntonScotland£13.000
6868Christian BunseGermany£12.500
6866Kirk ShepherdEngland£12.500
7068Simon StevensonEngland£12.000
7068Maik KuivenhovenNetherlands£12.000
7271Gavin CarlinNorthern Ireland£11.500
7377Niels ZonneveldNetherlands£10.500
7374Richard NorthEngland£10.500
7371Matt ClarkEngland£10.500
7680Vincent van der MeerNetherlands£10.000
7674Geert NentjesNetherlands£10.000
7674Adrian GrayEngland£10.000
7980Toni AlcinasSpain£9.500
8071Jan DekkerNetherlands£9.250
8180Benito van de PasNetherlands£9.000
8177Scott BakerEngland£9.000
8180David PallettEngland£9.000
8485Jeff SmithCanada£8.500
8584Reece RobinsonEngland£8.000
86112Derk TelnekesNetherlands£7.750
8777Marko KanteleFinland£7.500
8886Carl WilkinsonEngland£7.000
8986John MichaelGreece£6.500
8986Yordi MeeuwisseNetherlands£6.500
8989Mike van DuivenbodeNetherlands£6.500
92105Martijn KleermakerNetherlands£6.000
9393Jonathan WorsleyWales£5.500
9390Jamie LewisWales£5.500
9391Barrie BatesWales£5.500
96105Kai Fan LeungHong Kong£5.000
96105Mike De DeckerBelgium£5.000
9695Jason Lowe England£5.000
99112Andy HamiltonEngland£4.000
99112Damon HetaAustralia£4.000
9997Scott MitchellEngland£4.000
9997Scott WaitesEngland£4.000
9995Nick KennyWales£4.000
9994Nathan DerryEngland£4.000
105105Gary BladesEngland£3.000
105124Ciaran TeehanIreland£3.000
105112Darren PenhallEngland£3.000
10599Wayne JonesEngland£3.000
10599Adam HuntEngland£3.000
10599Steve BrownEngland£3.000
10599Wesley HarmsNetherlands£3.000
112105Robert CollinsEngland£2.500
112112Ryan MeikleEngland£2.500
112112William BorlandScotland£2.500
11299Alan TabernEngland£2.500
112112Michael BarnardEngland£2.500
11299Karel SedlacekCzech Republic£2.500
118Ronny HuybrechtsBelgium£2.000
118Wesley PlaisierNetherlands£2.000
118112Jesus NogueraSpain£2.000
118124Andrew GildingEngland£2.000
118105Peter JacquesEngland£2.000
118112Lisa AshtonEngland£2.000
118105Daniel LarssonSweden£2.000
125Eddie LovelyEngland£1.500
125112Boris KrcmarCroatia£1.500
125112Harald LeitingerAustria£1.500
125112Ryan MurrayScotland£1.500
129Benjamin PratnemerSlovenia£1.000
129130Callan RydzEngland£1.000
129Carl HamiltonEngland£1.000
129Dom TaylorEngland£1.000
129Geert De VosBelgium£1.000
129Jeffrey Van EgdomBelgium£1.000
129Ryan HarringtonEngland£1.000
129Scott TaylorEngland£1.000
129127Adam HuckvaleEngland£1.000
129124Jitse van der WalNetherlands£1.000
139Arjan KontermanNetherlands£500
139Brian RamanBelgium£500
139Connor ScuttEngland£500
139Diogo PortelaBrazil£500
139Graham UsherEngland£500
139130Steffen SiepmannGermany£500
139127Matthew DennantEngland£500
139127Martin Atkins (Wigan)England£500
147130Aaron BeeneyEngland£0
147Adam Smith-NealeEngland£0
147Alfie ThompsonEngland£0
147Andrew DavidsonScotland£0
147Andy JenkinsEngland£0
147Ben CheesemanEngland£0
147Berry van PeerNetherlands£0
147Boris KoltsovRussia£0
147130Bradley BrooksEngland£0
147Cameron MenziesScotland£0
147Cody HarrisNew Zealand£0
147Colin OsborneEngland£0
147Daniel AyresEngland£0
147Danny van TrijpNetherlands£0
147Darren BeveridgeScotland£0
147Fallon SherrockEngland£0
147Greg RitchieScotland£0
147James HubbardEngland£0
147James RichardsonEngland£0
147Jamie ClarkScotland£0
147Jason AskewEngland£0
147Jason HeaverEngland£0
147Jim WalkerScotland£0
147Justin SmithWales£0
147Keane BarryIreland£0
147Kelvin SelfEngland£0
147Kevin BurnessNorthern Ireland£0
147Kevin DoetsNetherlands£0
147130Krzysztof KciukPoland£0
147Kyle McKinstryNorthern Ireland£0
147Lewis WilliamsWales£0
147Nathan RaffertyNorthern Ireland£0
147Owen RoelofsNetherlands£0
147Patrick LynskeyEngland£0
147Rhys HaydenEngland£0
147Robert OwenWales£0
147Shane McGuirkIreland£0
147Stephen BurtonEngland£0
147130Stu WilsonEngland£0


Huge thanks to Bas Engelen for his assistance with the stats