Darts personal training-Testimonials

Darts personal training from Matthew Edgar is a service we recently started on Darts Mad. With Matthew being a highly qualified sports coach and a PDC professional darts player this has proven to be a very successful addition to the site as the testimonials below show.

Only two weeks in Matthew has completed 9 personal darts training plans with players from the UK and USA and is currently booked up with a further 13 players over the next 2 weeks.


The following testimonials have been received from darts players of various abilities that have made use of the personal training plans.

Craig Young:

After sending an initial email to Matt, we tee’d up a time which suited us both, with me being in New Zealand we still made it work!

The coaching session was extremely informative and you can tell Matt’s expert opinions have come from years of research on his behalf. Our thoughts are very powerful tools and Matt gave great insight on how they can effect our performance.

A couple of hours after our session a PDF was sent with all the information I now need to improve the 4 corners of my game.

I highly recommend Matt’s coaching. Invest in yourself and your performance will grow!

Simon Harkins:

Would highly recommend Matthews service to anybody no matter what level you are
The information that I have received has helped my game tremendously. Before my session I knew I had problems but didn’t know how to solve them so like most people I turned to YouTube you watch Joe Bloggs tell me absolutely nothing. After having my session with Matthew we picked up on things that I knew were damaging my game but he also found other little flaws with my technique that I didn’t know about.
After sorting these issues out my game has improved a lot with better consistency in days and my personal practice plan that Matthew put together for me is brilliant it pushes me everyday but not too much that I don’t enjoy working through the plan

Again no matter what level you are take a lesson you’ll be surprised how much you can learn about your game

Jarrod Gillman:

Hello. I have reviewed the video and the action plan. I am very impressed with all of the information. Last night I made a playlist of all the practice examples. I have already started to work on my base, and I did order the balance cushions. This really has helped me make sense of a lot of my issues. I found a lot of value in the session and the materials. Also, thank you for accommodating the time change and working with me that late in the night. Excellent job! I will get to work on this, and let you know if I run into any issues

Shaun Hensley:

I couldn’t be happier with the coaching session Matthew provided.

Relatively new to darts, I really wanted someone who would take the time to work through some of my bad habits and tendencies. Matthew did exactly this!

Not only is Matthew a great player, he is a dedicated coach wanting to help. I can’t recommend this enough

David Hahn:

Matthew contacted me in time and after a short but nice greeting we headed straight forward to the goals i had for the session.

After i told him what i want he directly started with nice and easy explanations and just after a few seconds i had my first “oh wow he is right” moment.
He took all the time needed and was open for every question.

Shortly after we hung up i got to my Dartboard and tried what he told me about my technique and i saw an impact right away.

After a few hours he sent me an individual plan with everything we spoke about, tips and also practice routines. I would definitely recommend him to everyone who thinks he could need a little or even a massive push.

Looking forward to the future. Thanks again for your time Matthew!

Matt Jacobs:

My session with Matt covered all areas of the game and I received a clear plan on how to improve in each of them. The practice routine Matt provided gives me a greater sense of pressure in comparison to what I was doing before which wasn’t really preparing me for matchplay.

With this, and tweaks to my technique, I have much more confidence in my game going forward and highly recommend a session with Matt for improving your game.

Mark Pollard:

I had a great online coaching session from Matthew Edgar. He followed this up by sending me a thorough action plan which included notes on everything we spoke about.

Inclusive in this, among many other things, he analyzed my technique/stance which he altered for me and I have already noticed improvements. I would definitely recommend. I haven’t hit a 180 for ages and I’ve had 2 this evening. Must be something to do with the session!

Neil Cummings Smith:

I found my session with Matt very helpful, he helped me understand the importance of the mental side of the game as well as the technical side.

The report and video analysis that Matt provided after the session was excellent. Its great to look back on and review to make sure I am following Matt’s advice. I would recommend Matt’s coaching to anyone its great value for money.

Grant Sutherland:

Under the current circumstances I felt like you were well prepared for anything I asked, there was no messing about, all the necessary world class art work (😉) available when needed.

I had a lot of things on my mind about my own game and how a prepare, stand, throw and my general attitude to the game. I feel like I’ve got the confidence in my own throw after yesterday to push on and continue to improve.

For example, we discussed how the future me was referring to the past me when playing against my wife which was having a negative impact on my mental state which in turn affected my game.

Well last night my shoulder loosened off after a bath so we had a quick game but I went into it feeling happy and confident that I’m good enough to win and I won 4-1 and took no more than 5 darts at a double and twice hit the double in 1.

This is 100% due to the attitude changes I made after our session. You’ve set it up great considering the circumstances we find ourselves in and will be looking to work with yourself again in the future. All the best and thanks again.

Mark Johnston:

Today I had a coaching session with Matthew and I can’t recommend this enough. He picked up on things I knew I was doing wrong but didn’t know how to fix and gave me a plan of how to fix them and also found issues that I didn’t know I had.

The session was very relaxed as you’d expect if you’ve seen Edgar TV but also very informative. Matthew is very knowledgeable and that was obvious throughout I am fully confident this session and the plan he has gave me will improve my game and I will definitely seek more coaching with him when my goals change in the future.

Sam Hunter:

I decided to get in touch with Matt as there were some areas of my game I felt needed attention. We mainly worked on the mental side of the game and the preparation before games/tournaments. He gave me in depth explanations of the psychological side of darts and ways to improve my mindset.

He has given me an action plan going over all the things we have discussed and a practice plan I can alter to suit me going forward.

Highly recommend his coaching, he made me feel at ease and was a lovely bloke to speak to.