Become a darts master with EdgarTV and Darts Mad- Standard

The second set of training videos from EdgarTV and Darts Mad is aimed at players at a decent standard level.

Carrying on from the first 3 videos in this series videos 4-7 ramp up the skills practiced in the previous levels to advance the skills utilising the whole dart board.

Become a darts master with EdgarTV and Darts Mad-Standard

Level 4– In level 4 we see a continuation of the practice done in  level 1. This time focusing on practicing the art of throwing straight on a much narrower section of the board

Level 5– Level 5 utilizes the skills of using the vertical and horizontal throwing practice from earlier videos in the series

Level 6– Level 6 brings together the throwing routines from earlier in the series to allow you to focus on throwing for the bullseye.

Level 7– Level 7 is a more complex level of round the clock training seen earlier in the series and utilizes the skills practiced previously to sustain throwing across all sections of the dart board.