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We at DartsMad believe there is huge potential for darts coaching and are always interested in initiatives that attempt to address the matter. We asked dartscoaching to explain their scientific approach to helping players achieve darting consistency and take their game to the next level.

Please read and enjoy Paul’s article shown below, and also have a serious think about signing up and let us know how you get on!

A New Darts Coaching Website – Darts Coaching and Analysis

No matter how “DartsMad” you are, darts is also a game that can also drive you mad! How many times have you heard of players or perhaps experienced yourself being well ahead in a leg and not being able to hit the decisive double? Have you heard this one? “I was fantastic on the practice board but as soon as I started playing, I couldn`t hit a thing!” Yes, thought so, we have all heard similar stories.

If you were to ask me Paul Gillings, founder of The Darts Performance Centre or my colleague, Andy Humphrey, who is a qualified sports scientist and dart player of thirty years to give you one explanation as to what causes this phenomena and frustration for dart players we would both agree on the same answer. It is quite simply a breakdown of a player’s technique, usually brought on by added pressure or stress normally during a competitive match.

This is why the two of us have formed a darts coaching partnership to try to solve the riddle of the dart throw and to assist dart players of any standard in making the most of their darts throwing technique. Our website allows players to upload a video of their throw (all the details and instructions of what we need and how to do it are on the site) and for a small fee (currently £19.50) they will receive in return a detailed analysis report of their throw.

We use purpose built sports analysis software to inspect every detail of what happens to your body during your throw and report back to you any tweaks that you can make to fully optimise your technique. We use video footage and pictures marked with angles, lines and other annotations so you are left in no doubt as to what you need to do.

We have already tried out our ideas several times with great success. The most frequent comment we have received after players have watch their throw is: “I didn`t realise I did that”. Our tested, proven and published methods can help you. Please visit our website for more information.

Paul Gillings March 2011 – The Darts Performance Centre

UPDATE – Official Press Release

The Worlds First Darts Video Coaching Site

Slowly but surely darts is becoming aware of sports science methods that most other sports take for granted and beginning to take them seriously. Over the past few years for example darts companies have been researching thoroughly the benefits different types of darts kit can make to a darts throw, flights, barrels and stems have all been modified.

We have also witnessed darts coaching coming to the fore. Youth academies have sprung up and there are now current players and former pro players tentatively offering their services as darts coaches. Another addition to the darts sports science portfolio was the launch of the darts improvement website The Darts Performance Centre. This site was set up by sports scientist Paul Gillings when it dawned on him that dart players did not have access to the coaching knowledge virtually all other sports take for granted.

Paul Gillings commented “we have had a fantastic response to the Darts Performance Centre site and this has demonstrated to me that there is a common misconception about dart players and their attitude to the sport. The ones I have been contacted by are deep thinkers about all aspects of their game but mainly their technique and want to improve”.

It was the passion for assistance demonstrated by the players that drove Paul Gillings and his darts coaching partner Andy Humphrey (a sports and exercise science graduate and dart player of thirty years) to create a video coaching site. Simply by submitting a video of their throw, players from anywhere in the world can get coaching support from two qualified sports scientists who have made darts their sport of choice.

Andy Humphrey added, “We have trialled our video analysis service at a grass-roots tournament; we have also run a video coaching session with a pub team and tested our new site on members of The Darts Performance Centre. All trials have led to very positive feedback from all who took part and we now have some valuable data on areas where we can really help players improve”.

Dart players now have a choice if they really want to play better darts. They can rely on the old way, which is to get your pals to put you right or pick up some tips from a darts forum for free? Or, the twenty first century method, which is to take some advice based on sound academic coaching research from two qualified sports scientists who have tested, proven and published their coaching methods.

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