Professional darts coaching seems like a no-brainer to us here at DartsMad and who better to do the coaching than an ex-World Champion? Golf coaching is massive in that particular sport but surprisingly darts coaching doesn’t seem to have taken off; until now perhaps?

The Limestone Cowboy himself Bob Anderson is offering his services to provide darts coaching  which is akin to being coached in golf by Gary Player or Tom Watson. Returning back to the oche after recent knee surgery, Bob is also back on the exhibition circuit and will be appearing in the Bullseye Theatre Tour in the Autumn.

We would love to hear from anyone who has already taken up this opportunity or indeed anyone who subsequently attends a coaching session off the back of this article.

Below is the full information on this unique offer:


If you are interested in receiving coaching from former WORLD CHAMPION Bob Anderson, a Senior Coaching Professional, then this will take place over two sessions of two hours each. The timescale is either both sessions in one day, or over two days.

Bob will asses your current standard of play, and discuss with you your goals, strengths and weaknesses, and your current practice routine. He will then watch you play, paying particular attention to your stance, posture, position, and delivery of the dart.

If he identifies any flaws, then these will be addressed, and you will get to play some practice games with Bob at that point, which will mark the end of the first session.

In the second session Bob will talk to you about your mental approach, concentration and the killer instinct. More practice games will follow, with a final overview and feedback.

When you return home, Bob will provide you with a full assessment of your time together, and suggest the practice games that he thinks will best suit you.

The full cost of these four hours of coaching is £200.

If you are travelling to Clevedon in Somerset, then any travel and hotel expenses will need to be covered from your own pocket.

If Bob is travelling to your area, then you will also need to cover the cost of fuel, and his hotel expenses.

For more details contact Sally by e-mail on bobanderson180@yahoo.co.uk

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