How to get through Q-School

It’s that time of the year again and Q-School is the first port of call on the PDC calendar for 2020.

With a projected record breaking number of hopefuls expected to converge on Wigan and Hildesheim we ask how to get through Q-School. There are few better people to ask how to get through Q-School than the winning most player Matthew Edgar.

Matthew has won his tour card on 3 separate occasions and hold the distinction of having won the most matches of any participant at Q-School.

Matthew Edgar darts

How to get through Q-School

Matthew recently managed to make it in to the top 64 in the world during his 2 year tour card he won as part of the Q-School class of 2018. Having read our article about the tour card winners Matt and darts mad had a chat and discussed him filming a series of videos we feel could help aspiring professionals as they try to win a tour card.

Matthew has seen every part of Q-School in his career having won a tour card outright, twice won one through the Q-School OoM, once having missed out by a point on count-back and once having missed outright.

Matthew will be making 4 videos the first of which can be seen below.

Video 1 covers exactly what it takes to achieve a tour card at q-school

Video 2 covers what it takes to keep your tour card in the two years including some of his stories and the different routes players like Nathan Aspinall took

Video 3 highlights 10 players he thinks you should keep an eye out for at q-school this year

Video 4 is an opinion based on what Matthew thinks would be a good idea/structure for q-school

This series of 4 videos is the first of many videos our resident pro will be making for darts mad and If you like this series feel free to comment on any of our respective social media channels. We also welcome any topics you would like to see covered  in future episodes.