Many of us think that we know the rules of darts but do we really? Sure, it seems simple enough, you stand behind the oche and throw your darts into the board right? Well things aren’t quite so simple.

Surprisingly some rules vary depending on the organisation that you play in.

Always on the lookout to provide informative content for the Edgar nation and Darts Mad, our very own Excitable Edgar has a series of videos examining some of the rules of darts that can cause debate.

Having challenged the Edgar nation to answer the questions without the assistance of Google searches, Matthew secured the services of top PDC referee Kirk Bevins to provide the answers:

Inundated with requests for more quiz questions for the rules of darts video two was produced to challenge even the most diehard pub quizzers among us.

Sadly Kirk was unavailable to cast his expert eye over the questions to provide you with his expertise so it was left to Excitable Edger himself to provide the answers.

As there are a lot more rules to the game than one might think, and the requests have kept coming for more, Matthew will be making at least one more video like this in the near future and we will update accordingly.

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