To play better darts how long should I practice

Matthew Edgar is back with another video answering the question “To play better darts how long should I practice”?

To play better darts how long should I practice?

This is a question I often receive from darts fans and enthusiasts here on YouTube and on social media. In this video I use my background as a teacher and qualified sports coach to answer this question.

I look at how 2 stars of the sport of darts Phil Taylor and Michael van Gerwen have totally different darts practice requirements in terms of time on the board.
Watch the video to understand why I always say practice with intent (PWI) during your training sessions. Whether you want to play on the PDC tour, BDO darts or WDF darts tours, or just want to improve your game because you love the darts I hope you find these videos useful in your practice sessions.

Matthew Edgar

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Matthew has done a number of darts training videos alongside his regular video blogs covering the PDC tour.

Matthew Edgar is a professional darts player on the PDC circuit.

Qualified sports coach (has coached professionally at Arsenal and Northampton Town) and former wrestler Matthew is sponsored by Darts Mad.

Matthew is also well known for his excellent darts youtube channel EdgarTV. EdgarTV combines humor, darts practice routines and advice for up and coming darts players.