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trident 180

Trident 180 Review

In our last article we looked at slotted flights and punches, so now we have your flights held on securely we will turn our attention to increasing their life with Trident 180’s. Flight protectors that clip onto the back of flights have existed for a long time, but these have[Read More…]

Flight Punch / Slotted Flights Review

Flight Punch / Slotted Flights Review

There is nothing worse than distractions at the oche, but players who use nylon stems will be all too familiar with their flights popping out of the stem, usually after some close grouping or other deflection. The subsequent retrieval of a flight off the floor and securing it back in[Read More…]

Target Cool Play Darts Shirt

Target Cool Play Darts Shirt Review

Let’s face it; most darts players are hardly renowned for their sharp dress sense are they?  A pair of nylon slacks, a dodgy shirt and (unless you have dispensation for medical reasons) plain black shoes. Of the three, the shirt is the item of clothing that players can use to[Read More…]

red dragon sportswaxx darts grip

SportswaXX Dart Grip Wax Review

I spent last night with a bulging pocket and sore thigh. Yep, it was darts night again. I have always had a problem with gripping my darts. I started with chalk, then went on to licking my fingers, then chalk AND licking my fingers. It sounds pretty gross, and not[Read More…]

Red Dragon 24g Foxy Ladies Darts Review

The lovely folk at Red Dragon Darts sent me some new toys! For the last week I have been playing with a set of Foxy Ladies. 24g worth of Foxy Ladies 12, to be precise. Regardless of the 40.06mm barrel being roughly 10mm shorter, and the 8mm barrel about 2mm[Read More…]

Red Dragon 26g Fatal Attraction Ladies Darts Review

It’s no secret that ladies darts takes a back seat in the world of tungsten. A quick browse through a random selection of darts websites, show small ladies sections and in some cases none at all. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t go out looking for ladies stuff as[Read More…]

OckeysRus Transportable Oche Home

OckeysRus Portable Home Oche Review & Giveaway

For the serious dart player, a decent home setup is essential to facilitate effective practise. There are few parameters in the sport of darts, but the two main requirements are often overlooked – board height and throw length. The height from the floor to the centre of the bulls eye[Read More…]

Unicorn Oche-mate raised oche

Unicorn Oche-mate Review & Giveaway

Sometimes the simplest of inventions are the best, this little gadget from Unicorn being a case in point Measuring the oche line – We have all been there, getting the wife to hold a tape measure while we try and measure out the throw line because we don’t have enough[Read More…]

Book Review: Scoring for Show, Doubles for Dough

Written by the King of Bling, Bobby George and Dr Darts, Patrick Chaplin. Foreword by Ray Stubbs. 2011 Apex Publishing Limited, Essex | 149 Pages Hardback | RRP £9.99 | Available 25th June 2011 Darts has come a long way. From the early 1900s when brass was chucked at the old Fives board[Read More…]


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