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scarlet darts review

Scarlet 24g Darts Review

A revolutionary take on a classic design; for me, these are my favourite set of darts made by Loxley to date. With three contrasting, and yet complimenting grip sections, each with their own unique style, the Loxley Scarlet’s can be used universally, with each grip section offering something unique to […]

ryan searle darts shirt

Heavy Metal darts shirt review

One of the most likeable characters in the game, Ryan Searle has gone from strength-to-strength in recent years, as he hunts down a spot in the Top 16 of the PDC rankings. With new sponsor Loxley Darts by his side, he looks set to continue his pursuit, with the goal […]

beeney shirt review

Aaron Beeney dart shirt review

(Image: Even Callan can’t resist a look at Aaron’s new shirt!) When you think of the best looking darts shirts, your mind jumps to Ricky Evans, with his black, blue and pink Target shirt, or Wayne Mardle, with his unique Hawaiian style shirt. For me, the new Loxley Aaron Beeney […]

Steve Hine dart shirt review

Steve Hine darts shirt review

In his hunt to reclaim his PDC Tour Card, Steve Hine has all the tools available to him to perform at the very top of the game. With his flights on sale now, and darts on the way, today I take a look into the third component in his darting […]

nasir darts review

Darts review – Nasir 22g

Inspired by the Saracen Outlaw of Sherwood Forest, the Loxley Nasir darts will ensure you can fight to the end of any match with the same consistency and ruthlessness as when you started. Much like how Nasir rarely spoke, the subtle grip allows you to do the talking on the […]

Robin of Loxley dart review

Robin of Loxley dart review

Since the dawn of darts, manufacturers and players alike have always looked for the next unique style of grip. Whether it’s Target, with their revolutionary ‘Pixel’ and ‘Cortex’ grip, or Performance Darts with their unique ‘Sticky Grip’, manufacturers have constantly looked for means to bring new ideas to the fore, […]

matthew edgar dart shirt review

Matthew Edgar dart shirts review

I’m always up for learning something new, or trying something out of the ordinary. For me, this review is just that – for the first time, I’ll be reviewing dart shirts! I’ll be taking a closer look at both of the shirts designed and manufactured by Loxley darts for their […]

Matthew Edgar darts review Loxley

Matthew Edgar – Darts Review – Loxley Darts

The arrows of choice, for a ‘Prime Time’ player. Today I take an in-depth look at the new Matthew Edgar darts, from Loxley. Utilising two popular styles of grip, as well as stylish painted groves, these darts have every reason to become an instant classic. Moulded to the exact specifications […]

elysium 5 review

LoveDarts Review of the Target Elysian Generation 5

LoveDarts review of the Target Elysian Generation 5. The final in the Elysian saga… or is it?!?… Disclaimer – The compilation created here is my own and does not express the views or promotional intentions of the manufacturer.

Performance Darts Triumph Review

Performance Darts – Triumph – 22g darts review

Performance Darts – Triumph The stunning Triumph darts truly are as good as they look, from the linear lateral grooves at the rear moving to the ringed grip scallop centre. The classic bomb style nose with grooves looks amazing but also adds another grip dimension. The re-grooved Performance Points complement […]

Optimum performance darts review

Performance Darts – Optimum – 22g darts review

Performance Darts – Optimum These Performance Darts are once again inspired by a darts player, darts photographer and friend of the Darts Performance Centre. David “The Phantom” Gill is a WDDA Winmau World Masters contender His vision was a classic “bomb” shape dart with a non-slip grooved nose and a […]

Performance Darts Level 5 dart review

Performance Darts – Level 5 – 24g darts review

Performance Darts – Level 5 The Level 5 darts, like many of the others in the Performance Darts range, have been designed by a dart player – but we have never seen a darts CV like this guy has got! Neil Birkin – The Bear! He plays, he reviews and […]

trident 180

Trident 180 Review

In our last article we looked at slotted flights and punches, so now we have your flights held on securely we will turn our attention to increasing their life with Trident 180’s. Flight protectors that clip onto the back of flights have existed for a long time, but these have […]