Target Dave Chisnall Gold fusion darts

Dave Chisnall has been quietly going about his business since joining the PDC  this year, chucking 9 darters, almost winning a couple floor tournaments and we think it is only a matter of time before he wins big in front of the cameras. The ‘Chizzy Rascal’ as he is affectionately known as by practise partner Paul Nicholson (great nickname that we also think he should adopt) now has his own signature darts exclusively available through A180, released in 2010, presumably off the back of his profile boosting 2010 Lakeside performance.

Chizzy is recognisable to many for his co-ordinated  yellow stems and polo shirts, so it’s no surprise that our 22g review signature darts come complete with bright yellow nylon shafts to replicate Daves own setup. However, I swapped these for my preference of a short nylon stem as you will see later.

If you have read previous DartsMad reviews you will be aware I’m not a fan of gold barrels, however I have to admit these two-tone silver/gold ‘Golden Fusion’ edition look the part, and (less VAT) come in well under £20. There is also a standard silver tungsten set available that are even better value at nearly £5 less.

For signature darts both sets are priced very competitively, and the no nonsense barrel only deals make sense as most players have a personal stem/flight combination that works for them. Although beginners may want to buy the ‘set’; this includes alloy shafts, flights and a case for only an additional £3.

The ‘Golden Fusions’ are Dave’s actual dart of choice and have facilitated two competitive 9 darters so far this year, so they clearly work for him. The review model also come with A180’s exclusive gold points fitted, which when we caught up with Karl (A180 owner) at the UK Open he was enthusing to us over a pint of the cold stuff.

I have to admit, out the box these gold points do grip the board very well, when compared to standard silver or black points. And even in my well worn Blade 4 they held fast, where even my board grip silver points have been dropping out lately. But then they, like the board have seen a fair bit of action over the past 6 months or so. That is the point (excuse the pun) the A180 gold points will wear eventually I’m sure, but certainly when new, they do grip better than a standard point and contrast well with these two-tone fusion Chizzy darts.

Worth noting is the number of darts players currently using the A180 gold points, which include Chisnall, Wez Newton, Stephen Bunting and Alan Norris.

Barrel choice is personal; what works for one player won’t necessarily work for another, and weight shape etc all play a part in an individuals preference, however I can say that the Golden Fusions are surprisingly grippy, took very little time for me to adjust to and flew nice and straight as demonstrated by the photographed shanghai. The straight barrels are evenly weighted 90% Tungsten, 53mm in length and around 6mm in diameter with a smooth section where Dave ‘Chizzy’ Chisnall is etched in black.


If you are a Chizzy fan, or just want a wallet friendly straight barrelled dart, you should be checking the Golden Fusions out. They are available in 22g and 24g weights and are can be purchased from A180 darts here

As always we are offering our review darts to one lucky winner who emails the correct answer to the following question:


What is the current rrp of the A180 Dave ‘Chizzy’ Chisnal 22g Golden Fusion darts?


This competition is now closed, the winner is……Conor McArdle, Northern Ireland


Chizzy Rascals Official Website