Flight Punch / Slotted Flights Review

There is nothing worse than distractions at the oche, but players who use nylon stems will be all too familiar with their flights popping out of the stem, usually after some close grouping or other deflection. The subsequent retrieval of a flight off the floor and securing it back in the stem can contribute to players losing focus. Various products are available to address this problem, however we are specifically looking at flight punches and rings.

Most of the major manufactures supply the punches (pictured right), which can be used with the springs usually supplied with nylon shafts, or the slightly more expensive option (and my preference) of Target slot lock rings. *Please note standard pigeon rings don’t work as the holes made by the punches are not big enough.

The slots are cut into the ‘closed’ flights with the punch, then the ring or spring is inserted into the hole with the flight ‘opened up’, the flight complete with ring is then inserted into the stem in the normal manner. The only difference being, you now have a secure flight that is highly unlikely to become detached from the stem during normal play. In fact it’s not that easy to take them apart full stop.

The slot punch works with all standard flight shapes including pear, and kite. If you use nylon stems I definitely recommend this system of securing flights, I use it myself and would not consider going back to un-slotted flights with my current setup as pictured.

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Now we have your flights held in place, our next article will be how to increase their lifespan by the using Trident 180’s.