Bling is not King with this reviewer and as such gold darts have always been a no go area for me, why spoil a decent bit of tungsten with tacky gold plating that eventually wears off?

Well, Red Dragon kindly sent us a set of their new Copper Tone 18 carrot gold plated darts to have a look at, and at it seems I’m about to eat my words.

The description for the Copper Tone darts on the RD website is ‘Distinguished, two-tone coloured darts with 18ct gold plated finish that perform as good as they look’.

I have to agree with latter, the plating is actually rose gold, which as the name suggests has  a pleasing copper hue to it, across the full length of the grooved part of the barrel. Complimented by a short contrasting smooth plain tungsten tapered area at the shaft end which can be personalised with laser etching.

The supplied points are standard smooth chrome, also included with these 85% tungsten barrells is a RD folding wallet, 6 flights and 3 medium length metal shafts. I believe you can also purchase them as barrels only for a reduced price.

The darts on review are 22g, centre weighted straight barrelled version with a slight taper at the nose  (the 26g version offers a shorter barrel with a bulbous nose, which presumably is front loaded). On to the performance then, once fitted with my favourite short nylon stems and plain white flights, the ton plusses were flowing and with my setup the darts landed nice and straight and at right angles to the board, with the slim barrels affording good grouping.

I fell short of achieving a 150 (3 bull) exhibition finish though as the third dart deflected annoyingly into the outer bull.

The traditional grooved grip is adequate (no slippages with our throw) but not aggressive and the overall quality of finish offered here is excellent. All Red Dragon darts are manufactured to within + or – 0.2 grams of the nominated weight and all 3 barrells are match weighed within 01.g of each other, which should in theory assist with throw consistency.

In a fairly saturated market it is good to see manufacturers offering something different, visually striking, and easy to throw I would recommend a set off this upper mid range darts to any player. The personalised feature is a nice touch, and can be extended to shafts and flights, for a full custom setup.

If you would like to win the one careful owner review darts (lightly thrown by our own fair hands) just email the answer to this simple question:

What is the current rrp of the Red Dragon Copper Tones?

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