Red Dragon 24g Foxy Ladies

The lovely folk at Red Dragon Darts sent me some new toys! For the last week I have been playing with a set of Foxy Ladies. 24g worth of Foxy Ladies 12, to be precise.

Regardless of the 40.06mm barrel being roughly 10mm shorter, and the 8mm barrel about 2mm wider, than my own darts, the Foxy Lady 12’s were surprisingly easy to get accustomed to. That is, after adjusting my throw – they were consistently landing around 4 inches higher than I was aiming (darts physics fascinates me!).

My first impression of them when I saw them online wasn’t great if I’m honest. As I’ve said before, I’m not big on glitz and glam, and the Foxy range is a marshmallow-y pink and white. But, they were actually quite pretty and I really can see the appeal. They are advertised as bringing a “touch of glamour and style to the oche”, and without being attention seeking, they’re not far off!

Last night I discovered a friend of mine uses a set of Foxy Ladies. She told me they were bought for her a while ago and she couldn’t speak more highly of them. It’s always nice to hear a long term user’s perspective.

You can pick a set of Foxy Ladies, from a series of 12, with weights ranging from 21g to 34g for £15.90. The Foxy Ladies are inexpensive yet a respectable 85% tungsten and have the quality of a dart that will last, making them ideal for players of every level.

Red Dragon Darts also offer a special little bonus; for an additional £10 you can have your Foxy Lady personalised! This makes for an awesome gift for any female darts enthusiast.

The Foxy Ladies range comes with a Red Dragon Darts wallet and good quality flights and stems as standard. There’s definitely something to be said for value for money.

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