Red Dragon Fatal Attraction darts

It’s no secret that ladies darts takes a back seat in the world of tungsten. A quick browse through a random selection of darts websites, show small ladies sections and in some cases none at all.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t go out looking for ladies stuff as a habit. When I look at darts, my priority is shape, size and texture of the barrel, after that, everything else is just a bonus. I don’t focus on only pink items and I don’t think I’m alone in this. Whilst I (as a woman) appreciate darts companies trying to accommodate women in the sport, I don’t think it’s necessary to make everything pink and say it’s just for women.

I’ve been having a play with a set of 85% Tungsten, 26g Fatal Attractions – “Fatal 3” made by Red Dragon Darts. Now, as I say, I’m not big on dart aesthetics (my own darts are straight barrelled, partially ringed 23’s with black stems and black flights – they are pretty non-descript!), but I think I may have just fallen in love with these Fatals.

For a start, most women like a little bit of a story behind everything, but no one likes out and out cheese. RD have balanced the Fatals story perfectly – all you need to know about the dart, mixed with a hint of romance. The provocatively named Fatal Attractions even have a captivating tag-line; “Fatal Attractions: Beautiful yet deadly for your opponent.” This kind of marketing can go one way or another. I am happy to report, Red Dragon have got Fatal Attractions spot on.

These darts are not my usual cup of tea – the barrels are wider than I’m used to and I prefer much heavier grip (if you’re looking for grip try the Fatal 4’s), but that’s all just personal preference. I must admit I was impressed with the look and feel of these darts. Regardless of how cool the Red Dragon stems looked, I had to change them for frumpier stems I’m used to. The pink is understated, it isn’t over bearing, and with the rest of the dart, black in colour, they looked pretty lethal… Or even Fatal, you might say.

The Fatal 3’s fly smooth and make a satisfying crack as they hit sisal. The only thing I had reservations about was the size of the barrels taking up too much room on the board. But by getting your angles right, you can get leave plenty of room in the T20 bed.  You can really take advantage of the shape of the barrel by coasting one dart off another, which you wouldn’t be able to do so well with a straight dart. There’s always a risk with wider barrels that you might knock a dart out of the board. My dart board is on its last turn, but these darts had brilliant grip – I have had no bounce out’s or loose darts at all – in fact I struggled to get most out of the board!

Red Dragon Darts make 4 variations of the Fatal Attractions to suit just about everyone and they come with a nice Red Dragon Darts wallet, 2 sets of flights and smart branded aluminium stems. All the Fatals are available from Red Dragon Darts for £18.90 which is a bargain for what you’re getting in a dart.

Not just pretty tungsten.