red dragon sportswaxx darts grip

I spent last night with a bulging pocket and sore thigh.

Yep, it was darts night again.

I have always had a problem with gripping my darts. I started with chalk, then went on to licking my fingers, then chalk AND licking my fingers. It sounds pretty gross, and not too healthy, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Have you noticed that your darts don’t feel right after you have washed your hands with soap and water? Or when you’ve got moisturiser on your hands? Or when you’ve been playing with your hair?

All these things and more, affect grip. Ideally the best grip for your fingers is the oils your skin produces naturally. However, wash your hands with soap and it’s gone and your fingers are too dry. Tidy your hair, and gel/wax/spray over compensates. The worst is probably nervousness and as a by-product; sweat.

So, I’m on a mission to find the best grip available for darts players. Many people don’t realise what’s out there, making my bulging pocket seem a little odd. But, it was bulging for good reason. I had, in my pocket, an open pot of SportswaXX. In pink, of course.

Other than the fact that every time I sat down the pot dug into my thigh, SportswaXX does the job. I recommend putting it in your pocket an hour or so before you play. If it’s still solid when you’re at the oche, you’ll end up causing yourself sore finger tips from digging at it in panic! Get it soft enough and it’s perfect.

SportswaXX provides a tackiness which isn’t too greasy or too dry. You can manipulate the texture on your fingers by warming your fingers up or wetting them slightly, so it should suit just about everyone.

I was talking with a seasoned darts player who had no idea grip wax existed. He was very appreciative when I loaned him mine and bought some for himself the very next day.

SportswaXX comes in yellow and pink and can be bought here from Red Dragon for £6.95.