Target Cool Play Darts Shirt

Let’s face it; most darts players are hardly renowned for their sharp dress sense are they?  A pair of nylon slacks, a dodgy shirt and (unless you have dispensation for medical reasons) plain black shoes. Of the three, the shirt is the item of clothing that players can use to achieve individuality, some like them loud (Mr Mardle), some low cut (too much flesh Ted) etc. – you get the idea. But that is in the professional game where they are also emblazoned with logos, sponsors and nicknames.

For the image conscious amateur darter or someone looking for something a little more understated, perhaps those that play once a week in their local boozer and enter the odd tournament, something like the Target Cool Play shirt is a much preferable option. With minimal branding, consisting of a neat target logo on the breast pocket, and made from a highly breathable material which involved 12 months of development, the Cool Play dart shirt claims to keep your body at a comfortable temperature when you need it most. Endorsed and used by Colin Lloyd they are available in sizes small to XXXXL.

I have had one of the black Cool Play shirts for some time now and highly recommend them, they are comfortable and sufficiently non-darts looking to wear almost anywhere. The zip neck is a nice feature and they wash well keeping their shape/condition, and as a result of the breathable material they also dry very quickly. Personally I’d like to see some more colour options as the current range is limited to pink, grey and black. And, at risk of sounding a bit ‘Gok Wan’, perhaps some contrasting detail and side vents to make them truly stylish.

The Target Cool Play shirts retail at around £20 pounds and are available to purchase from the Darts Mad darts shop now.