trident 180

In our last article we looked at slotted flights and punches, so now we have your flights held on securely we will turn our attention to increasing their life with Trident 180’s. Flight protectors that clip onto the back of flights have existed for a long time, but these have tendency to drop off and personally I have never got on with them. As one retailer states “Trident 180’s are unique in that they are the first to offer the protection built into the ‘incoming’ dart”.

The marketing focus for the Tridents is that they reduce dart on flight deflections by up to 50%, increase the life of your flights and offer improved flight trajectory. The manufacturers have done extensive testing to prove the science behind the first and last claim, and having used them for several months I can verify that my flights easily last 3 or 4 times longer than before I fitted Tridents. In fact the only thing the Trident 180’s don’t protect against is the ‘robin hood’ shot.

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Trident 180’s are basically a plastic nose cone for your dart, they slip on over the point and butt up against the barrel providing a smooth transition between the point and ‘stepped edge’ or shoulder of the barrel. Once fitted, incoming darts will glide past the flights of any preceding darts as there is no edge to catch/damage the flights, and hence reduce the chances of bounce outs and deflections and thus increasing the chance of a scoring dart.

A number of professional players use them including Dennis Priestly, Jamie Caven and Trina Gulliver. The trident 180’s come in a range of colours and as well as offering all of the benefits we have detailed, actually look pretty good. For a couple of pounds for a set of 12, they are a very worthwhile but inexpensive purchase which can be used on the majority of dart points. For more detailed information visit the Trident 180 website here.

In our next mini-review we will take a look at darts cases.