Unicorn Oche-mate raised oche

Sometimes the simplest of inventions are the best, this little gadget from Unicorn being a case in point

Measuring the oche line – We have all been there, getting the wife to hold a tape measure while we try and measure out the throw line because we don’t have enough hands, or forgetting to take into account the width of the board and generally making a pigs ear of it!

Thankfully the boffins at Unicorn have developed the OCHE-MATE, in layman’s terms it is a foolproof measure for the diagonal from the oche to the bulls eye, use it to check the bull is at the correct height initially as it also measures both vertical and horizontal dimensions.

Buy the Unicorn Oche-mate in the Darts Mad darts shop.

We at Dartsmad failed our O level maths, but the OCHE-MATE uses basic trigonometry principles to give you a throw at regulation distance for both steel and soft tip darts. The measure is held in place by a dart point so the extra pair of hands is never required, and the good news is it also comes in at a price point which makes it rude not to buy one.

Take it along to tournaments/pubs etc and ensure that everything is in order; it really is an essential piece of kit for the serious dartist. The only improvement we could see is if it was offered in a housing with a retractable measure, however this would inevitably increase costs to the end user.

As usual we have one to give away, to be in with a chance of winning simply email the answer to the following question:

What is the WDF regulation throwing distance for steel tip darts?

This competition is now closed the winner is………..Catherine Corbett, Cheshire