With PDC Q-School 2020 kicking off in Wigan and Hildesheim this week players from across the globe are trying to win a tour card.

One of those making the trip to Wigan is Czech Republic based Luke Tucker. Many outside of the Czech Republic might not be familiar with Luke so time for a Darts Mad Interview.

Darts Mad interview Luke Tucker

Luke Tucker comes from a darting family and married into one but initially wasn’t keen on picking up the arrows himself:

” My dad used to play, and when we were younger he used to drag us to watch him play, I never wanted to pick up a dart or even watch it on the TV as it made me feel sick to my stomach.
When me and my wife moved to the Czech Republic I knew her family were a darting family. It took them 3 years to persuade me to pick up a dart and to play, and once they did I have been playing since.
My dad was the one that paid for my QSchool entrance fee, he told me he stupidly didnt want to take the opportunity to play properly for the BDO, but now i have the chance it will be two dreams, mine to succeed, and his to see me succeed.”

DM: You live in the Czech Republic, how long have you lived there and is a move back to the UK on the cards at any point?

LT: I have lived in the Czech Republic now for 11 years, and i think that at this precise moment, i have no desire to move back to the UK. my daughter wouldn’t be able to acclimatize here either, and it would be a mistake on my part to try and get my daughter to go to school here. maybe when she is old enough and not in school things might be different.

DM: You are a Configuration Senior Specialist for SAP Concur by day and a semi professional darts player. How difficult is it to combine the job with the darts?

LT: As you know the company i work for are moving more and more into the darts scene with Voltage, Boom Boom and Miracle all being sponsored players, so this helps. I work monday to friday and I also work from home, so during my lunch breaks i will go practice for an hour, same as in the office, we have 2 boards for us to practice on.

Luke Tucker Rob Cross darts

DM: How many tournaments have you been playing in recent years and does living in Czech mean a lot of travelling across Europe or have you focussed mainly on local comps?

LT: I have not had the opportunity of being able to play outside of the Czech Republic as of yet, but i do try and travel to where the best tournaments are, but within the area in which i live it is predominantly soft tips.

DM: Taking a look at your frequent tweets we see that you had to undergo some pretty serious surgery on the shoulder. Can you give an indication of what the issue was and how this affected your preparation as at one point you tweeted that Qschool was off the table.

LT: Last year in June whilst on holiday i hurt myself playing waterpolo, at first i just thought it was a pulled muscle so didnt think anything of it and left it, carried on playing darts and doing my regular activities, until i woke up one morning and couldnt move my arm (kind of frozen/locked in place) turns out within the Shoulder ball and joint we have little cushions filled with collagen, and when these rupture it causes issues with the movement, grinding and clicking and also frozen joints.
Been going to physio now for a few months but it was actually hurting more than it was, so my wife got me some collagen cubes to take on a daily basis to help replenish and heal, and (Touch wood) i have to say i now have full movement back.

DM: What sort of expectations do you have coming into the tournament, obviously the shoulder has loosened up enough for you to compete.

LT: I have not set any expectations for myself other than to win a leg, anything other than that is a bonus, i cant say that it wouldn’t be nice to come away victorious, but its all down to how well i can play on the day.

DM: I saw on twitter that you had hoped to be allowed to compete in the host nation qualifier for the Czech Darts Open. Was entering Q-School one of the conditions for this?

LT: No, I had been thinking about Q-School for a few years now, but each time i mentioned about it, people started telling me i was stupid for wanting to do it. Its a shame i had listened to them at that time. Yes I mentioned the Czech Open to Karel Sedlacek and Pavel Korda but I still have a few more things to do before hand, but Q-School isn’t one of the conditions.

DM: Q-school offers two opportunities, the first being a full tour card and the second being the challenge tour and Euro tour event qualifiers. Whatever the outcome of this week do you intend to play all events of the option you end up with?

LT: I would like to participate in as many of the Tour or Challenge tour events and Euro tours as possible. Without sponsorship I’m not going to be able to play in that many but i would like to be able to play in at least half of them moving on from Q-School.

DM: You often tweet about your daughter’s darting prowess. What is the darts scene like for her as a junior player?

LT: Unfortunately around the area in which we live there are no opportunities for youngsters to progress, not many if any steel tip tournaments and the adults wont allow her to play local soft tip tournaments.

DM: You also mentioned that Fallon Sherrock was a point of joy for her while watching the World Championships, what does she think of the possibility her Dad might play her this week?

LT: When Fallon beat The Gentle, my daughter was over the moon, but not just the fact that Fallon won but also due to the stereotypical replies we saw stating women are not good enough to play in the PDC. Fallon and all the other Ladies that took part showed that there is a place for Females in the top. When i told my daughter that i was coming to Q-School, and there is a possibility to be drawn against Fallon, her reply was poor you dad, im sure you will throw 12 darts at least 🙂 (its the grin after that makes it all worth while though)

Luke many thanks for taking time out of your final prep to chat with us and we wish you all the best for the coming days.