We arrived in London last Friday to watch some of the World Championships and a series of meet ups with some of the players. One of those players, Luke Woodhouse, has been quite the talking point of the tournament so far having put himself into the third round with wins over The legend Paul Lim and Michael Smith.

Having spent a couple of the evenings with him chatting in the hotel restaurant we thought it was a good time for a quick interview once he got back home to prepare for his third round match.

Darts Mad interview with Luke Woodhouse

Darts Mad interview Luke Woodhouse

DM: We had the pleasure of meeting you in London last weekend and were taken by the calmness and confidence you had. What do you attribute this confidence to, and are you always so calm around tournaments?

LW: I’ve not always been calm but I have been teaching myself to be as calm as possible as it helps me keep my concentration

DM: It certainly seems to be working as you are into the last 32 of the PDC World Championships, just sum up how are you feeling right now?

LW: It’s incredible to think I’ve beaten a player as good as Michael Smith and to progress in the biggest competition in the world is amazing

DM: As you said you have knocked out the number four seed Michael Smith, you raced into a 2-0 lead and missed six darts to win 3-0, did you think you missed a great chance at that point or where you determined?

LW: To be honest yes I thought I had blown my chance so to come out the other end a winner was fantastic

DM: Beating Daryl Gurney in Minehead a few weeks ago was a huge result in your career, how did that win compare to your second round win at Ally Pally?

LW: I think because the Daryl win was my first match on television I was a lot more excited, but beating Michael Smith is right up there with the best feeling I’ve had

DM: The second round win against Michael Smith was a huge moment in this tournament for you as it secured your tour card, put you in the third round and showed the world that the win over a top 6 player like Gurney wasn’t just a flash in the pan. Have you had time to reflect on all these points and how do you think it will set you up for the rest of the tournament?

LW: To be honest it’s all been a bit of a whirlwind and it hasn’t really sunk in yet. I try my hardest to keep as grounded as possible and not overly think about things too much

DM: You are in the same stable with Callan Rydz and from what we saw at the hotel you two are great mates. What was it like having Callan there for your first and second round matches and what advice were you able to give him ahead of his debut match?

LW: Yes it was fantastic having Callan around me as we bounce off each other and we practice a lot together on tour. The only advice I gave him was to stay calm and take everything in his stride and just be himself.

DM: How has it been to have a few days away from the madness of Ally Pally being back home with the family?

LW: To be honest I couldn’t wait get back to my family and back to a bit of normality. It’s helped me to get myself ready for my next round.

DM: Your half of the draw has opened up slightly, you will face either Dimitri Van den Bergh or Josh Payne for a place in the last 16, what do you make of your chances?

LW: Im going into it with the same attitude. Everyone is there for a reason and I wont take anyone for granted so whoever I play I will have to be on my “A” game

DM: You have secured your tour card thanks to your win against Smith, was there any pressure on you heading into the tournament to secure it?

LW: It was obviously in the back of my mind but I just tried to focus on the task ahead so that I didn’t go up on stage with any more worries than just winning the game in front of me.

DM: Final question, do you think you can replicate what Nathan Aspinall did last year and potentially go on a similar run and go deep in TV tournaments next year?

LW: There is absolutely no reason why not but as I’ve said I’m looking no further than my next game and I think that’s the right attitude to go forward with

Thanks very much Luke and good luck for the rest of the tournament and the season to come.

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