Darts Mad interview Nick Kenny

As the Romanian Darts Festival (24-26 Jan) prepared to get underway in Bucharest Carter caught up with Nick Kenny for a Darts Mad interview.

You might well be asking yourself “Nick just won his PDC tour card at Q-School how is he playing here?”.  Nick received dispensation from the PDC and WDF to compete in this event and the Dutch open next week as he had registered prior to winning his tour card.

Darts Mad interview Nick Kenny

Thanks for joining us Nick at Darts Mad and congratulations on winning your PDC Tour Card.

DM: Firstly, describe how it feels that you have won your PDC Tour Card and will be competing on the PDC Circuit for two years?

NK: It feels absolutely amazing to have become a tour card holder. I knew I could play well at Q school but didn’t reach my potential until day 4. So left it very late to turn up.

DM: Has it actually sunk in that you have won your PDC Tour Card?

NK: I don’t really know tbh, I’m sure it will closer the time of the first event and being in the company of the big dogs in the world of darts. Can not wait!!

DM: Do you think competing with the likes of Michael van Gerwen and Gary Anderson week in week out will help improve your game?

NK: Most definitely. I have so much to learn, however have the game to compete against these players and consistency is the key for me now to perform at the high level I did this past Sunday. I can’t wait to share the oche with superstars!!

Nick Kenny Darts

DM: Did you have high hopes going into the final day of Q School, having knowing you would have to win a card outright?

NK: I wasn’t feeling well Saturday afternoon and was a bit down in the dumps and fed up to be honest. I decided not to go out for a wind down, but to go to bed and chill out. To be fair I was feeling sorry for myself and reflecting on poor results in the first 3 days. I knew that if I woke up feeling good and with positive thoughts , I would have a chance!!

DM: With winning your PDC Tour Card, will you be going full time or will you be working also?

NK: I am going to carry on working for now. Giving up work would just heal on pressure. This week I have started a new process and received training , day 1 all I could think about was a career break and the years ahead. I have great support from my leader and colleagues and am sure I can balance the 2 for now. I will review my circumstances as there is the opportunity to a apply for a career break.

DM: You have decided to play in the BDO Romania Open this weekend and the Dutch Open next weekend, this will be your last two tournaments in the WDF and you are currently ranked number one in the rankings, do you plan to go off with in style?

NK: I am traveling to both, I cannot wait for both especially the Dutch open. I recommend any darts fan or player to attend this. I feel that going in as number 1 seed for this is special and intend to go out with a bang. Also I’m playing pairs with the world champion.

DM: What do you make of the current BDO affairs, do you think Des Jacklin needs to resign?

NK: One word – Joke!! Yes I do think he needs to resign or at least seek help. I think he’s got too much pride but also think he don’t really care about the players. Well except for 1. I love the BDO and hope it does well, the people I feel sorry for are Wayne and Jim to be fair.

DM: Finally, do you see a future for the BDO or do you think this is the end?

NK: I see a future within the county system in the UK and the gold and champions cup. Would be shocked to see another world championship , but there’s always hope. All the players want is open and transparent communication.

Many thanks for taking time out Nick. We wish you all the best on the PDC Circuit.
Thank you very much Carter and keep up the good work!!