Darts Mad interview Seigo Asada

As play is about to get underway at Q-School 2020 Carter managed to catch up for an interview with Seigo Asada last night

DM: Firstly thank you for joining us Seigo.

SA: Thank you for the questions. I’m sorry, my English is not good.

DM: How much are you looking forward to playing in PDC Q School which gets underway tomorrow?

SA: I am looking forward to it because it is my first participation. However, I am a little nervous because it is a high level tournament.

DM: How has your preparation gone heading into Q-School?

SA: I haven’t prepared anything differently from any other tournament.  Just play as usual.

DM: Do you think this was the right year to enter as alot of people thought you would of entered a few years ago but given all your experience playing on the Asian tour and reaching the Semi-Finals of the PDC World Cup Of Darts and playing at the PDC World championships, do you think now is the right time?

SA: We also have tournaments in Asia and Japan every week.  We have tournaments every week so we are always ready.  But I think the timing is good for me to play Q-School.

DM: What do you make of your chances of winning a tour card and if so would you do the tour and play all PDC events?

SA: I do not know because it is the first time.  But I will do my best to get it.  If I can get it I will have to consult with the Asian Tour schedule. I will consult with my  sponsor,  however, PDC is the # 1 dart organization in the world and will be given priority.

Asada darts

DM: How beneficial is it that you have been giving the opportunity to play on the Asian Tour and how much does it help you playing over here in the UK?

SA: The Asian tour are fantastic tournaments.  In Asia soft tip darts are huge and there are weekly tournaments.  However, steel darts have become very popular too as the sport grows.

DM: You made the decision to play in the UK Q School instead of European Q School, what was the thinking?

SA: I wasn’t particularly thinking of a venue to play.  We talked and the Japanese players decided to enter the UK. 

DM: With Soft Tip Darts being huge in Asia, would you miss it if you got your tour card?

SA: If you continue to win soft darts, you can make a very good living.  But my dream is playing in the PDC.  At this point I would select PDC over soft tip darts.

Many thanks Seigo and all the best at PDC Q School.

Images from Unicorn